Why Is It Hard To Get Product Training??


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Jan 11, 2003
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Have you noticed how hard it is to get PRODUCT training. It seems to me that it would be better to get more classes booked even in smaller towns to familiarize Techs with products. If they try it & learn to properly use it, they will buy more! I live in West Texas and it's always atleast a 3.5 -8 hour drive to anywhere that's having Education classes. I have contacted my Supply Stores & even the Product Companies. The few times I think we are getting a class, it's usually cancelled as the Educator is usually sent to somewhere else. Even our AEFM class canceled. Being a former TT Educator, this makes me very angry!!! Let's get together & promote NAIL EDUCATION.
I dont know I tried calling manufaturers up directly and letting them know that we want education classes in my area, but i cant seem to get anywhere.
I even called Creative Nail Design. They returned my call & gave me another number to contact the actual class schedualer. When I contacted him, he told me that it was up to the Supply Store Reps to get their class applications back to him requesting a list of possible dates. He did mention that these stores have an amount of alloted "points" & maybe they had already used theirs for their other stores, but that since it was a new year, that they should be able to do something.
I have contacted CND for you and actually copied your message to Leslie Randall the Head of Education - her email is [email protected] - hope this helps you ;) of course if you lived in the UK, I could tell you exactly when the next Masters were - :tongue: :huh:
Thank you so much Mrs. Geek. I don't exactly live in a tiny town, but I realize that I might have to travel to a show. I was just hoping & trying to get to something closer than 6-8 hours away. Our Armstrong McCall store is also large enough & new enough that they need to try to push for education. The more they teach us proper usage, we will like the products more & us them more which of course is more profit in the stores pocket.
Tell me about it....
I asked if there is gonna be a OPI classes in Toronto...there is some, L&P mostly but NO gels. Come on..Toronto is a big city and no gel classes???!!!! Of course they don't sell a lot of gel because noone knows how to use it :? :? :? :? Catch 22.
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