Why should I do Nail Art ?


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Nov 11, 2003
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A nail career is one of the fastest growing opportunities available.It can provide you and your family with a successful income, flexible hours and terrific benefits but why should I do nail art :?:

I did a nail art course a few years ago and I was not happy with the work I produce. It had nothing to with the teacher but the only techniques she showed the whole group was dots,striping,marbleising,glitter,decals and foiling :( I've starting to do nails again which I practice on my best buddy (the nail trainer) and I would just like to knew is there much called for free hand nail art.

Should I try and find another nail art course which is advanced or should I skip this and invest in an air brush course in the near future? :?
I can`t comment too much because you don`t say where in the Uk you`re from. All I can say is you have to look at whats on offer in your locality and if there is a market for it, whether it be freehand art or airbrushing. I only do freehand and I don`t do nearly as much as I`d like so I don`t want to lay out for airbrushing equipment as yet. I have a few NSS salons in my area anyway that do airbrushing and I really can`t compete with them in that area unfortunately.
If you have a look at whats on offer, then you need to decide for yourself if you want to pay out more for airbrush training or just persevere with freehand
Thanks for the quick reply, I'm based in the East Midlands not far from Derby.

Maybe I expected too much from the original course that I did. This course didn't really spend time looking at the variety of standard brush strokes more just doing several stripes for flags, tiger stripes etc.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of airbrushing in this area as we are probably behind the likes of the major cities.

Because of this I want to look at where most of the other nail geeks have spent there money and time with regards to learning new techniques.

Hopefully I'll be able to then make a better choice on further education
Well love,
I never took a nail art course...I just looked a designs that had been done and just went for it...................
simple dots, comma strokes and swirls are all basic strokes...........
But if you know how to do them then you can just let your imagination run wild.............
I love free hand nail art, and all you need is a range of paints and some different size brushes..............A little gem stone here, a little foil there, a bit of mabelising, a bit of miniature rag rolling, hand colour fading the list is endless................

So just play and you will amaze yourself.............
Also some fab books are out there, Jacqui Jefford and Anne Swain have got some fab books out........... There is also the internet.......do a search on nail art and you will find some great stuff there................
And you will find if you wear it, clients will want it.............

just a thought
love Ruth xxxx
Thanks for all your information Ruth, I have been browsing the internet and pick up a few Ideas.I'll have a play with some acrylic paints, might surprise myself.

Very interested in the Nail Artisry book by Jacqui Jefford, Anne Swane &Sue Marsh, think I will treat myself :)

thanks again
Jan :D
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Well love,
a bit of miniature rag rolling, love Ruth xxxx

What on earth, I thought I`d tried loads of things (and failed most things complicated I must add) but I`ve never heard of this.
Would you like to explain?
Go on pleeeeze, I`m intrigued now
Well on the whole in the UK we tend to be a fairly unadventurous lot. If you are a fantastic artist, great, but speaking very generally people mostly want a little flourish to give conservative colour of French manicure a hint of an eye-catching twist. Most nail art courses are about showing you how to use the various media after that it's down to your imagination. Most clients will appreciate something very simple, so don't fret about producing anything too elaborate or time-consuming.

OK, I teach airbrushing so I'm probably a bit biased. I can airbrush the Mona Lisa on a pinkie but to tell the truth the same rules apply. The minute you mention airbrushing most people will think of wild flamboyant designs - they may look great but they wouldn't want to wear them. Think in terms of marketing colour and French manicure variations. In those terms you are now marketing a product that will appeal to all of your clientele (nail trainers included).

You can get hold of a good airbrushing kit for about £350 - if you only do two Frenches a day at the ridiculously low price of £6 a bash - you'll have paid for it in little over a month. Expensive I don't think so.

Best wishes

hi ya...i agree it all depends on the area, at present i live in scunthorpe and there is no call for it whatso-ever here...im lucky if i can pursuade someone to have a gemstone...ladies r so boring here...i went to york a few weeks ago and so many ladies had there nails done, lucky me coz im moving there in 6 weeks...
also i invested in a airbrush and i wouldnt use it for the fancy pictures etc but its fab for colour fades and french manicures...
i may use it next year for the fancy pics etc with living in a better town to sunny scunny...Vicky :D
I think Vicky is right......geographical empahsis!
Sometimes in the area you are there appears to be little need.....

also.......the time of year!
...during the Summer months I found hardly any call for Nail Art as such ....a few gems, jazzy french,..........BUT
Im inundated.....and obviously this is to do with the impending festive season.......works do's, party's etc etc etc! ( envious????? Moi!!!!!!) ;)
My diary is packed with pre bookings for a bit of razzamatazz!
Im no great artist but I find that being a bit arty on the nails comes easy!

Friday...I managed a little Children in Need Nail art!
No pics...sorry! :(
Just a vibrant yellow base...........diagonal white stripe across free edge......red dots!

Im a firm believer....less is more!!!!!!!!!

Get creating.....you will love it!!!! :thumbsup:
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