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Jun 24, 2020
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Hi, I’ve been told by one of my clients (by text) today that she had breast cancer and had to go through ops, chemo, radiation etc which is awful enough but she’s also concerned about losing her hair which is a shortish bob of natural corkscrew curls... it’s going to be difficult to replicate her hair so she will need a really good wig maker. Does anyone have a recommendation in the Derby area please? Thanks in advance.
I’m in the US, but I’ve had more clients than I wanted who needed to regain their self esteem and looks after losing their hair. Some people have been comfortable with a snood or scarf only. Others wanted a ‘wardrobe’ of wigs in fun colors and styles.

Would she be willing to try a global brand wig, like Raquel Welch? Their human hair wigs are 1.5-4 oz. I’ve ordered so many for sick clients. Trying to mimic the natural hair and color is so hard and not very successful in my opinion.

If her hair is curly, how about a wavy or straight cut in a similar color with some high or low lights? Sporting a different do might just garner some unexpected compliments. “Oh, I love your new cut” “Wow, I should get some highlights, too!

A professional wig maker would be expensive, I’m sure. But educate yourself on brands and wigs that are comfortable for bald scalps. Wigs come with about 30% more hairs than an average head, so thinning is necessary. I would think that a wig center that specializes in cancer patients will be the best bet.

In the US, Oncology clinics often carry literature related to appearance during and after chemo. But, no matter where the wig is purchased, the stylist is the one who will make it work.

I wish the best for you and your lovely client.
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Hi ,
Have a look into the cancer services at the Royal Derby/Burton hospitals to see if they have a department like we do at the Royal Stoke University hospital . There is a small suite next to the oncology department called "Fresh Hair Wig and Beauty Salon" - I have had clients get fixed up with stunning hair which really suited them and so true to their original hair.
Not sure if they would get the Shirley Temple curls , but you ever know! You can read up on how the department was set up if you visit the website....it's really inspirational.

Contact them if there's nothing available closer to home, but her local hospital may have something similar or could give the patient a source of information about where to go for help.

Thanks so much for your replies and advice. I’ve had clients in a similar situation but her hair is very unique, it’s her identifying feature and if you saw her you would know what I mean..... it always hits a nerve too when it’s someone so lovely and of a similar age to yourself with a young family. I’m keen to help her as much as possible to feel as much like herself as she can whilst she goes through an awful experience. Anyway I’ll do some more research based on your replies and I’ll post back on here if I get some good leads that might be helpful to others. Thanks again for taking the time to help 😊
We feel for you and your client. As personal service providers we have the opportunity to become very close and familiar. That’s a good thing.

A human hair wig can be permed. If she has hair with an ‘ethnic’ texture, that can be achieved, too. I wish I could be of more help, short of flying over the Atlantic, I will keep you both in my heart until we hear more.

This is the sort of thread that bonds us in several ways on several levels. Our skill in our practice, our skill in listening, helping to cope, our compassion can be used.

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