Will I ever get a job???


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Jul 12, 2007
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Barking, Essex
Hi geeks,

Well i'm in a bit of a pickle and wondered if any of you clever girlies and guys had any advice for me!!:irked:
I have my NVQ level 2 in beauty therapy (and level 3 body massage) finishing in january and have already left my previous job to study for my exams but now i'm really panicing about getting my first job in a salon somewhere as everwhere i've looked up on the web says you need 1 or 2 years experience!
I thought giving up my last job (which was in a awful nail salon) was a good idea as i paid privately to do this NVQ and don't wanna fail it but now REALLY worried i'll never get a job anywhere!
I finish my level 3 in July/August and level 2 is'nt enough to get a job is it??
Please help as i'm now ill from worrying so much!!! I'm so silly!:rolleyes:
No you're not silly.
Why don't you take the initiative and print out some CVs and take them round to all the salons in your area? That way, they have your details on record if a vacancy comes up.
And yes, you can get work with level 2. I got a Saturday job in a salon when I had the equivalent of level 2. And you're not far off getting level 3 anyway.

Good luck with your exams, and don't give up before you've even started!:hug:
it is VERY difficult to get a job within the beauty industry sometimes...I know ive been there, it is competitive

I actually worked in retail for a year before I got a therapist position, there was just nothing going then I applied to a large hotel/spa where I had more of a chance, where I soon got a job , hard work tiring, treatments are like a production line one after the other with 5 mins after each client to tidy room but I have gained alot of experience and I am now trained in mud wraps,slim wraps,scrubs etc so it has benefited me

Good luck and hugs I remember feeling the same! apply everywhere you can

Have you had a look in the business forum on this site ?
there are lots of jobs offered in that section, good luck hun :hug:
Have you had a look in the business forum on this site ?
there are lots of jobs offered in that section, good luck hun :hug:

that only works tho if the jobs are in your area, im still waiting........................ HARTLEPOOL AND SURROUNDING AREAS PLEASE:)

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