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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany

I thought I share this with you all......
Been playing with the acrylics again......
Colour drops and Glitter Acrylic, nice and wintery I thought........
My Ice Nails for the winter ...........


hopeyou like them
love Ruth xxx
Hello to every one this is my first post on the site. Just wanted to say its a very helpfull and friendly site. Ruth those nails are beautiful
They are beautiful Ruth.
I think (and this is purely selfish you understand) that every time you torment us with a beautiful pic like that you should also post a step by step so we can at least attempt a botch set of our own, lol
You rock.......those nails are awesome. Now how long is the flight over so I can get a set of those?
They look really good, Ruth. They're perfect colours for winter.
how wonderful, They really are!

Please tell me how you did them so i can attack my hand trainer.
Which tips etc.

Will have to be a detailed description, My time in nails is only 9 months
but love trying things on trainer.

Thankyou x
Cheers you guys
Well here is a quick how to...........
I used clear see through tips,EZFlow colour drops purple added them to the monomer..........used clear powder and did the purple french look tip..then used glitter acrylic on zones 2-3.shaped and filed as usual........easy peasy lemon squeezy..... then buffed with a girlfriend buffer to a high shine.........

Thanks for all the nice comments, I really appreciate it xxxxx
That's all
love Ruth xxxx
Nailsinlondon1 said:
EZFlow colour drops purple added them to the monomer

Are you able to use this product with Creative monomer
they are beautiful........... :salute:
i cant say anymore i'm speechless.....or typeless...
OOOOoooooo - FAB-U-LOUS!!!! :D

Is there no end to your imagination???!!!

I could never get board of looking at your lovely nails.

debbiepromotions said:
Are you able to use this product with Creative monomer

It is always best to stick to systems. You know this, Debbie.

Monomers are created with a delicate balance of chemicals designed to work specifically with other products from the same range.

Do not upset the chemical balance of one company's monomer with products form another company. It may produce a nail but there may be problems down the line.

We have been hammering this message home for 15 years so one more time ...

Work within a system for chemical safety.
No Debbie I used all the products from EzFlow.
The powder, the glitter and the colour drops...............

I would not use the colour drops in say XYZ monomer, because this can upset the fine chemical balance , it is an EZFlow product, so therefore it has been tried and tested , to work at it's best with their Monomer.....

Yes Geeg is so right , never mix and match, you could end up with mess and patch....................

love Ruth xxxx
With respect, I do know this but I do not know anything about the product Ruth was using so how are any of us to know if it is anything that can be used safely with anything else.
There must be loads of techs out there that maybe use another adhesive, or different tips without having any problems, so I was asking if it can be used without problems, if the answer is NO then enough said.
Do creative make a product like it, or intend to in the near future?
We are not talking about adhesives and tips but chemical safety between monomers and polymers and any additions thereto, which are mixed together to form an end product.

Personally I think it is better to stick to the whole system because it is designed to work together and it guarantees a good end product but if someone just loves ABC tips then it is not going to upset any chemical balance to use them.

Love the nails, truly fab!!!!!
One of these days I hope to post some nail art. ;)

Hi Ruth, the nails are absolutely fab!!!!!!! Please keep posting the pics - and the step by step is a real treat for us "newbies" that haven't got much imagination, experience etc - thanks again.
hi ruth
what can i say!!!
if i could any of your nails i would be really proud(maybe one day ha ha :D )
well done
lisa x
Hi ya Ruth

Them nails are wicked, I tell ya what i am gonna have to pop in some time and get you to do my nails....

WOW ruthy those nails are fab nice work babe

:D :D
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