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Oct 25, 2003
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Hi Guys

I just learned a GREAT technique from a nail tech in New York and I wanted to share it with everyone. I live in Alberta, Canada and in the winter my pedicures drop off substantially. People don't want to leave in flip flops cause it's so cold out and I can't blame them! Well here's what you do so they can be on their way in a timely manner complete with socks and shoes! (I'm going to include the exact products I use in case that makes a difference.)

Scrub Fresh nails, followed by one coat of Creative's Sticky base coat followed by two coats of Creative or China Glaze polish (applied THIN) followed by one coat of Sech Vite top coat. Wait three minutes apply OPI Drip Dry to each nail, wait fifteen minutes, apply Creative's Solar Oil all over nails and cuticles then wrap the toes in kitchen plastic wrap! Your client can then put socks and shoes on. Instruct client to take off wrap when they get home so toes can continue to dry thoroughly! (I don't think this would work with high heels or shoes where the foot is crammed forward into the end of the shoe.)
I tried this yesterday and left my shoes on for about 45 minutes and then checked and there wasn't a mark on any nail! I call it a Wrap & Go Pedi! It does add about 20 minutes to your client's time but that beats the heck out of waiting an entire hour for the toes to dry or not getting polish at all!

LuLu in wintery Canada
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