Working in Portugal, any advice?


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Oct 21, 2007
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middlesex london england
hi ive just joined today.

im a qualified nail technician of 2 years.i trained with ELIDA at capital hair and beauty in middlesex london.
i am qualified to work from home and to work anywhere else apart from where i live.i need to go back to school and do my nvq to work in a local salon!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a few questions to ask ANYONE
my husband and i may be moving to portugal in the next year.with the qualification i have am i qualified to work in portugal? also is there trainin available there?

my husband is a tattooist and we are going to set up business together there.
i would really appreciate it if any1 can help (especially if you live in portugal)
look forward to talking to you all
thanks tara:)
hi tara,i am nail tech and my hubby is tattooist!!!! good conbination....great minds think alike!!!:) i must add i dont know bout portugal but what ever you decide

good luck to you both xx:hug:
You would need to get in touch with the company that trained you and ask them if your qualifications are world wide recognised and if so would you be able to get insurance in Portugal with the qualifications that you have hth

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