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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi there,

Does anyone have any tips on speeding up working time?

I did a set of just tips last week and it took me 2 hours!!! :shock: Can you imagine if I'd been doing acrylic overlay as well??? I would have had to take my duvet with me!!! :oops:

Saying that it was only my eighth full set (and millions of experiments on the nail trainer), so I realise I've got a long way to go to the magic one hundred!!!

Any adivce at all would be great - I'm sure I'm getting slower, not faster!


I did a set of just tips last week and it took me 2 hours!!!

What do you mean by that Karen, that you applied tips and blended only?
But don't worry about your time at this stage. Just keep practising. If you start watching the clock then you are likely to start rushing things and not doing quality work. Your timing will improve without you even realising it.
Ok Hun, lets check it out.... :( ............
When you said it took you 2 hours just to apply and blend, did you.. :?:
Apply all 10 tips and then blend them or did you apply and blend each tip one by one ??? :huh:
To cut down your work time you need to get into a routine.... :idea:
Here is mine...... :idea:
Prep all ten nails........
Size Tips, cut well area :idea:
Apply all ten tips
Then blend all ten tips
Because of the cut well area you should be fine with the 180 grit.
Prepping, sizing and blending will take after a little while(100 sets)lol only 30 minutes max. So then you will have loads of time to apply your product.
Making it about 1 1/2 max for a full set.
This time scale is for Salon productivity and only a rough time scale, so not written in stone. :sunny:

Take heart :clown: it takes time to be fast and great, so aim for great, then work on time. It all falls into place after a while. Promise... :flower: .....
Lots of love Ruth xxxxx
Thanks Jane and Ruth,

By applying tips and blending, I mean applying all ten tips and blending. I've been asked to do this by a few friends who want temporary nails for a special occasion. I then paint them. They stay on for two or three days and my friends seem happy with them. We usually make it a girls night, so they don't mind me taking so long.

I guess, I could be watching the clock too much (and maybe talking too! :D ). I'm gonna have another practice on my mother at the weekend. I haven't seen her for AGES and we've got so much to catch up on - I'll be lucky to get finished in two DAYS!!! :D

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