Would it be possible to do lava shells at a pamper eve?


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Mar 16, 2006
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Didcot, Oxfordshire
I'm doing a pamper evening for a charity on friday and i'm trying to think of something different to do in 15 mins for £5. Ive just started to do lava shell massage and am wondering if this would go down well and whether i can use 1 charge for more than one client to work the costings? is it ok to just wipe over the shell with a disinfenctant wipe and then go on to another client?

Thanks for your help
Hi ya,

I dont offer lava shell, however I do run a monthly shopping and pamper evening and have had therapists attend offering the lava shell and it has always been of great interest. They normally offer it as a taster treatment.

The therapist used a hygiene spray after each client.

Hope this helps a little x

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