Would this work??


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Feb 6, 2006
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I've decided to try and have a little go at using l+p on my toenails:eek: As this is/will be my 1st time and will prob go horribly wrong what I was planning to do was to apply white polish to the tips of my natural toenails and then apply glittery l+p over the whole nail (this way there won't be too much to remove if it goes T*** up)!!
Will this work??
I wouldnt apply polish over l&p have you not got any white gel or pow ??
Do you mean you wouldn't apply polish under L&P?
No I don't have any gel, I suppose I could apply the glittery L&P over complete nail then paint the white polish then a top coat? I was just thinking of a way to use this glittery acrylic and to maybe make the polish last longer. As it's my 1st time doing my toenails i'm a bit reluctant to attempt white acrylic smiles :eek::eek:
Your best bet is to either apply the french using white l&p or paint the smile line on OVER the glitter l&p. If you apply l&p over enamel, it goes all sticky and weird...and basically buggers up!!

Toenails are pretty sturdy generally, why don't you just paint a French with a white polish, then do a glitter topcoat? You should get a good month out of it, especially if you use a clear topcoat over that as well. Just a thought.

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