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Akzentz Geek
Apr 5, 2004
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I just wanted to share with the rest of you geek my hapiness today. I replied to a newspaper advertisement the other day and today i went for an interview. I like he owner very much, and i think she liked me too. I got offered 40% comission on all treatments and all the materials are supllied by them.
Besides, they work with Creative and the only do sculpted nails, wich is perfect because i hate tips!!!
I'm not sure if the comission is good or not, i currenty receive 75% but i have to buy all the materials, and it is a hair salon so there is isn't so much demmand. In this new place all the nail techs are fully booked and plus their prices are higher than what i used to charge, so i think i'll earn more.
Well congratulations hun, that's great news :hug:
oooh, keep us posted on how it goes!
well done and good luck!
Well done, hope it all goes well for you.

Lots of luck.

Trish :hug:
well done huni....good for you xxxxx
Well done hun and good luck in your new job, sounds like it could be really good :hug:
Congratulations hun :hug::green: Hope you like the job and do well xxxx

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