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Aug 11, 2010
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Hi, i have a client who came back with a slight yellowing to her enhancements, im not sure weather it was a top coat she applied herself or weather it was because my brush had not been used for two weeks. Any ideas x
If the yellowing was removed when you took off the top coat it could be that, has it happened to anyone else?

Does she smoke? was it on all the nails? May help having a bit more info to pinpoint it??
happened to two clients one smokes and one doesnt, i buffed it off when rebalancing so not to sure
If it buffed off then it was surface staining and not your brush.

If it was brush contamination you would see the yellow immediately when you pressed out your beads.

Smoking, squeezing tea bags , curry and make-up and tanning preparations are all culprits when it comes to yellow nails.
If it was on all 10 nails, and I am assuming you could mainly see it on the white, then maybe there was something the client had done like applying a top coat as the previous poster said.

I have used a few different brands in my time and have found that CND has the greatest colour stability, even when exposed to regular sun beds and daily holiday UV sun exposure.

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