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Jan 29, 2003
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Halifax. West Yorkshire
Anybody out there got advice.
A new client rang me today to say that her nails had gone yellow, horrifed I asked what had happened. She informed me that after cooking a curry on Sat eve and using tumeric they had gone a funny yellow colour. :rofl:
Joking apart, aside from a new set, any ideas on cleaning.

Ok try this, I myself have not had the opportunity to try this as I haven't had anyone come in yet with yellow nails, but I have known others who swear by it. Get some denture cleaner tablets and have her soak her nails in it for 10-15 min. or longer if necessary. They say it will take the yellow or any other color out of your nails. Cheap and effective too!!!! Hope that works for you!
One of my clients told me about using denture cleaner last week to clean her nails and she told me that it works! Bearing in mind she has her maintenance once a month they were very clean.
Thanks alot you guys, I'll get some tomorrow and give it a whirl.
Stand by for an update on that particular technique.
Regards to all
Lynda, I am anxious to hear how it works. Keep us posted. Hopefully it will do the trick!
Shelley :D
Hi Shelley and Julie,
Many thanks for your input on yellow nails
My client came into the salon today and I soaked her nails in extra strengh denture cleaner. There was a slight improvement after 20 mins, I think it would have been abit better if she had taken a tablet home and soaked them for a couple of hours.
My fix for her was to apply extreme white gel to the exsisting white tips and then an ever gloss gel top coat to finish. The end result was very satisfactory and she went away more than happy.
Glad it worked Lynda, I do sculptured acrylics and it works for my client, glad you tried it on the gel nails, and there was a little improvement.

Hate yellow nails myself, put it's part of our job to try and put them right ;)
There is a professional product on the market called Nail Brite, which comes with its own very cute nail brush that does a great job and that is a very good retail item.

This product has been around for many years and is tried and tested. I think it is wise to offer a professional solution rather than a sort of 'home remedy' a la Helouise!! :D These are Nail enhancements not dentures! :D
Thanks geeg
Thats what we put out our postings for.
I''ll pick some nail brite up on my next order.

Hi Everybody

Yes Nail Brite is another one of those fabulous CND products
:?: So who does Nail Brite - is it a CND product :?:
Sadly, Nail Brite is not a CND product.
Not sure who makes it but it has been around for years and should be in most wholesale outlets.

It is distributed in the UK by Designer Nails, the distributor for CND, but it is not a CND product. :p
Oops Sorry Guys
Lynda said:
Oops Sorry Guys

No prob Lynda... Designer Nails is basically known as Creative in the UK... easy to assume that all products are CND... actually, only around 1/2 the line is CND :)
Thats so we can offer items that dont fit into the CND range (i.e. NailBrite) great product, people dig it, we have it to offer.

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