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Apr 14, 2003
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Can anyone advise me, I have a favourite brush, my pro sculptor. It is yellowing! I have obviously contaminated it somehow. What I'd like to know is can I recover it or is it destined for the bin? :(

I do clean my brush after use in clean monomer, and I store it wrapped in clean tissue.

Julie xxxx
Your favorite brush is probably not recoverable ... but you can use it for other purposes such as detailing polish.

Make sure when you clean your brush, in clean monomer, that you then squeeze out all the excess monomer two or three times in a clean tissue or pad before storing - FLAT not upright - in your brush case or whatever you use. Any excess left in the brush will tend to 'go off' after a while.

If you store your brush upright, the monomer runs into the ferrule of the brush and then oozes out again into your clean monomer when you next use it. Over time it will yellow and then you're done!

I reckon 2 brushes a year is about what most people calculate they need. With care they can last longer but 2 per year I would say is the norm for most technicians.
Thanks Geeg, I was afraid that would be the case. :trashed: Never mind, time to train a new one.

Julie xx
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