Yet another NSS horror story !


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Jun 22, 2003
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Hi All,

Just after xmas a lady came into the wholesalers where I work. I know for a fact that for some time she has been going to a NSS nearby. Anyway on this occasion she was wearing gloves (unusual for her as she normally likes to flash different wacky airbrush designs !) Being abit curious, I asked her how her nails were, I thought she was going to start crying !

She took her gloves off and showed me her nails, or what was left of them! I couldn't believe my eyes ! Nearly every finger nail was completley gone, from the cuticle area she has about half a cm of nail, the rest is exposed nail bed. She said she was in agony. I told her to go straight to the doctors and also to take lots of photos.

She came back in today and I asked how she had got on. She said the doc didn't say much and that she will give me some of the photos. She was wearing glue on nails, so I couldn't really see the condition of her nails. She said they've grown a little, but don't seem to be re-attaching to the nail bed and also they have holes where they have been drilled.

She's quite distressed and has asked me if there is anything I/she can do. She's worried they may never re-attach or that the damage to her nail bed is permanent.

I said that it may be a good idea for her to remove the glue on nails, so she's going to do that. She's a hairdresser and said that she had put the stick on nails on to try to stop hairs from getting trapped down what little bit of natural nail she's got. I didn't want to advise her further as I wasn't completly sure.

What can I do ? Would a good pampering and plenty of solaroil help ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to know who I can contact and forward these photgraphs to. I can't believe these people, how do they sleep at night, knowing they are causing so much damage and distress to people? I passed this so called salon on the way home from work earlier, I had to restrain myself from going in and giving them a gob full !!!

Thanx Sassy xxx
Hi sassy :)

Thats dreadful about your client, luckily i havent had anyone come to me with that amout of damage , but i would be telling her to go to another doctor for a 2nd opinion and also the dept of fair trading in your local area with the photographs and as much info as she can supply, and perhaps the local council? maybe they might be able to check out the hygine and standards of this salon as well?

I do get alot of clients from salons like this, fast service salons, that are more intested in how many sets they can do in an hour than the quality of there enhancements. Its really a shame as most clients arnt even aware at the time that there nails are being damaged, and sometimes permantly :sad:

I use an efile but only for backfills for p&w, i would never dare use it on the nail bed, as for 1) i dont think its necessary if you are using top quality products and 2) if you are applying correctly you just dont need to.

(Not to say that there are'nt some techs that are highly experienced using efiles correctly)

But these salons are using cheap products and trying to do there work in minimal time , as one of my clients today explained to me its like a huge production line, and you never get the same tech twice, and alot of the time you are having 2 to 3 techs working on your nails in the same appointment and usually a manager hounding the girls to work faster :sad:

I definatly wont hurt using solar oil on her nails, if anything it will help repair some of the damage done, but she should really see another doctor and see what he can do to help her at least work without pain until the nails grow back, perhaps there is some kind of barrier cream she can use, im not a doctor so i really have no idea, but i can imagine the pain your poor client is going through :sad:

It seems these kind of salons are all over the place now and i guess all we can do is try and educate the clients that come to us from them, show them how it should be done and that getting your nails done should be a painless and damage free experience, you wouldnt belive the amout of clients i get who cant belive it doesnt hurt to get your nails done :eek:

Kerrie :)
Forgive me for sounding as though I'm lacking in brain cells , but what does NSS actually stand for
micsan said:
Forgive me for sounding as though I'm lacking in brain cells , but what does NSS actually stand for
It means ... non-standard salon.
kerrie said:
you wouldnt belive the amout of clients i get who cant belive it doesnt hurt to get your nails done :eek:

I know, i get that, they also can't believe how good a condition their nails are in when i've soaked off the product!

My little shop is literally 2 mins away from a NSS and not one person has said a good word about them... :rolleyes: in fact all the people that were regulars there are now coming to me and you wouldn't believe some of the states the nails are in....

I also use an e-file - NEVER on the natural nail bed, just for minimal use, cleaning stray bits under the free edge and buffing and so far (fingers crossed) i've not damaged anyones nails....
Ahhhhhh, that could have been me - (the NSS 'tech' not the client).

Just under a year ago I decided I'd like to get qualified to do nails.
I started to look around for courses etc. and saw loads of 2 day /4 day courses. Being the perfectionist that I am and "being the type of person that if you're going to do something you do it properly" (a quote recently to me from someone I hardly know!!!) I kept looking for a 'proper' course. After much searching I found the course that cost more than £80 and a free weekend which will lead to a proper qualification.

My point here (there was bound to be one eventually!!) is that it's SOOOOOOO easy NOT to qualify. Why bother spending all that money and investing all that time into learning the anatomy/nail structure/hygiene/diseases etc. etc. etc if you don't need to? Until there is a law that means any old bod off the street can't start up a nail business then these places will continue to ruin peoples nails.
There is hope though, as so many of you have found you get people coming to you from a NSS - how many of those clients then go back to a NSS instead of paying more money for a better service from yourselves?????
There will always be people who go for the quick and cheap option but, as has been seen many a time, they'll pay for it in the long run with something far more important than a few quid!

Is there anywhere we can go to officially rant about this rather than moan here and not get anything changed?

sassy_minx24 said:
She's quite distressed and has asked me if there is anything I/she can do.
She could take pictures as you suggested and go to Citizerns Advice - if she has been to a NSS or any other salon - she shouldn't let them get away with doing this to her nails!!!
Thanx for the feedback everybody.

Next time I see her I'll tell her as much info and photos etc. I'll advise her to got to the citizens advice bureau, the town hall and anybody else who will listen !

Thanx again, Sassy xxx
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