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Mar 16, 2015
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Hey everyone,
I feel a little bit ridiculous asking this, but I am curious at what age do you draw the line for doing lash extensions?
For most my treatments I won't do anybody who's under 16, and some I won't do anybody under 18. But I had a mom ask me about her 14 year old getting lash extensions. I asked if maybe she had a condition or was lacking in the lash department - her daughter just wanted them. Am I wrong in telling her no?!?
I just wanted others opinions because I'm starting to second guess my decision... So let me know your stories or what you would've done!
Check what your insurance says.

There after, only do what you are comfortable with.
I agree with Laurakate. Also, I would be nervous about someone criticising the mother or the teenager about having lashes at her age and the family then pointing the finger at the lash technician. I think your instinct and business sense is telling you to not go with this.
I'm just trying to remember what I was like at 14.... I have had this asked before and the mum wasn't especially keen on her daughter having them. She said her daughter would fiddle with them so I told her maybe some strip lashes or clusters would be better. This was a 16 yr old though.

It's a tough one but I'd probably say no but offer to show her how to apply the clusters correctly maybe x

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