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  1. Cjh

    Dark banding

    Hi all 😊 I have one client who gets a dark band when we do her root. I’ve been applying the same colour for a year now and sometimes it does it, sometimes not. I have been applying a 55.0 with 20vol. Her hair is super thick, she has a keratin blow dry every 3 months and is a level 5/6...
  2. L

    Hand tied extension weft cut.

    I had hand ties extensions installed a couple of weeks ago and just realized that the hair stylist cut them. They are now unraveling at the ends. I did not purchase them from her, but did let her know that they were hand tied extensions during my consult and the day she installed them. Besides...
  3. K

    IBD, halo or magpie? I need to invest in a new brand

    Hello. I have been using a cheap nail brand to start out and I’m ready to invest. It’s mind boggling the options. I would obviously like to get the most for my money. I have a sun UV lamp which I would like to keep ideally so something that is compatible with that (magpie want me to use the...
  4. C

    Advice on acrylic product

    Hi, I'm a new nail tech from South Africa. I am starting my own business and I don't know how many sets 10g of acrylic can give me. I did see a post where someone said you get 50 sets with 8oz but the cost didn't make sense when I converted it to grams. I hope someone can help me. I want to...
  5. C

    Advice? Discounted treatments.

    Hi, sorry for the long post. I have been self employed for a few years and always give friends and family discounted treatments. All my friends and family come for regular appointments and treat themselves to facials ect. I have a close family member who I’ve never had issues with in regards to...
  6. MoxxiieHair

    Stop OAP discount or up the price?

    Okay, so I've just recently become self employed. My old pricelist(salon pricelist) had OAP prices. And I'm wondering would I offend my clients if I stop the OAP discount? If not at least increase the OAP price a little
  7. C

    Skin care

    Hey Everyone 👋 just a personal question. I use sunbeds and love being at the beach, I only use them in the summer and it makes me face really greasy. I know it’s a damage/protection response. I don’t want to stop using the tanning beds as I feel better when I use them, but I break out on my...
  8. C

    Bruised toenails

    Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well. I wanted to ask you all professionals here the best way to take care of my bruised toenails. I recently started doing my prep with an e-file with no prior experience. I just started practising. Last time I tried to clean the cuticle with an incorrect bit...
  9. C

    Mobile nails?

    Hi everyone!.. good evening! I am booked on a nail training course in Sept and Oct and will be looking to go mobile.. can anyone give me any ideas on how’s best to get the materials around? I’m looking at the trolleys on wheels etc. And that’s probably the best way to go- But what do you do...
  10. S

    Advice for a new stylist? (USA)

    hi, i’ve never posted on here before so firstly i apologize if i’m doing this or anything wrong! anyways, i’m 20 years old and i just got my cosmetology license as of november 2020. the thing is, i haven’t done anything with it yet, as in i’m not working in a salon right now or anything. i’m...
  11. S

    The best way to break up with clients?

    Hi, I would reallly like some advice on how to break up with clients. I’ve had my salon for 3 years now & I have a range of clients doing most services. I have invested 1000’s of pounds into my education in balayage & it is what I specialise in I would say 60-70% of my clients are balayage with...
  12. 1

    Popular treatments for 2021

    Hey lovelies! Hope you are all doing well during this time. We have seen a massive popularity in lash extensions which means more and more therapists training in lashes. I was initially looking at doing a lash course but now i am thinking is the market too crowded, is there any point? What do...
  13. 1

    What advice would you give someone starting off in this industry?

    Hiya! Hope you are all keeping well during this strange time. I will be a level 2 qualified beautician in the next coming months so I am extremely keen to get some tips from all you pro’s about this industry! Salon Geek is full of individuals who have amazing experience and have been in this...
  14. M

    Best gel polish?

    I am newly qualified in gel polish and currently looking into what gel brand to purchase, I have narrowed it down and the ones that have caught my eye are: - glitterbells - DND - miss u - candy coat - halo If anyone has used any of these brands it would be great for your feedback on them :)...
  15. Charlottehana

    Classic lash extension feedback please?

    Hi all!! I’ve been practising lash extensions on family members but due to COVID I haven’t been able to branch out and practice on anyone else. I just wondered if anyone could possibly give me any feedback on the sets I’ve done? The top two were the first sets I ever did and the last two are...
  16. Gs Nails and Beauty

    Directions with colour correction

    So hair is not my area of expertise but I’m really hoping someone can help me! I had blonde ombré that, during lockdown, I stupidly decided to dye Purple using Directions dye. It has now washed out but left my hair a pale Green and Yellow. I tried to use a hair colour remover but it didn’t do...
  17. N

    Business advice needed

    I’ve been doing hairdressing for almost 4 years. I’ve recently felt as though I’ve fallen out of love with it. Especially during lockdown I’ve just dreaded going back to work. im currently employed and I’m really struggling to build my client base I’ve probably only got around 7 clients.My boss...
  18. K

    Half head colour

    Hi my friends daughter has asked if I could colour her hair. She has base shade of 6 which is virgin but wants to part her hair down the middle and have half her natural colour and the other half koleston 12/81. I haven’t done colour for quite some time as I now only cut so a bit rusty. I...
  19. R

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I've recently got a few colours from The Gel Bottle which I love but am finding them a little harder to work with for nail art. I usually use CND shellac and trained with them so am used to using isopropyl alcohol to neaten up any edges on my nail art - tried this with TGB and whilst its okay...
  20. F

    Hair extension courses!

    Hi everyone xx I’m hoping someone can help me! I want to do a hair extension course and I’ve been trying to research the best one. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews about most courses (and lots of fake positive reviews it seems) so it can get really confusing! I’ve chosen Maxwell Malia...