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  1. K

    Needing to move clients to a different day due to a last minute holiday

    Hi everyone, I’m a self employed hairdresser renting a chair within a salon. I potentially have a last minute holiday approaching in the next coming weeks and on one of the days I’ll be away I have a few clients booked. I was just wondering if it would be acceptable to ask them to move to...
  2. Louise@Srunch

    Non paying clients

    Name says it all . Can anyone advise me if there is anything that I can actually do ? Ok long one Back story - client came December, loved her hair, purple balayage , then came back February for same and hair didn’t do what was supposed to do this time. (More bluey purple than purple, she...
  3. Kerie1992

    Rent plus commission per treatment is this right?

    Hi everyone ❤ So I'd just like some advice on this please..I have recently qualified in microblading & machine brows and I currently rent a space in a salon at a daily rate of £30 per day but the salon owner is now also asking for 20% commission per treatment of these aswell as its classed as a...
  4. S

    Revamp Hair Extension Services

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've last posted. Over seven years ago I started my business as a Hair extension Technician, things were really doing well especially amongst the International Students, celebrities and Women with disposable income up and down the country. However over the years...
  5. H

    Chair renting

    I’m currently renting a chair at a salon and I’m just interested to hear how it works for everyone else that’s doing this. I’m the only self employed one in my salon so the other 4 are on the salon booking system, I do my own with clients contacting me directly, the new ones usually find me via...
  6. L

    Salon space to rent Botox/fillers

    I have a salon based in Leicester and have availability to rent out my beauty room (clinical) looking to offer more services within the area and would like to offer this space for Botox, fillers and that type of treatment Price or percentage is negotiable
  7. 1

    Popular treatments for 2021

    Hey lovelies! Hope you are all doing well during this time. We have seen a massive popularity in lash extensions which means more and more therapists training in lashes. I was initially looking at doing a lash course but now i am thinking is the market too crowded, is there any point? What do...
  8. E

    Ellisons/beauty wholesale

    Hi fellow geeks 🤗 I’ve recently passed six online beauty courses... nails, pedicures, lash lift, waxing etc... i’d really like to set up a trade account with Ellisons or Sallys, but as i’ve only done online courses i’m unable to register as i don’t have a beauty nvq. has anyone got around this...
  9. C

    Fair wage for aesthetic practitioner/massage therapist?

    Happy holidays all, Banging out my business plan at present and am currently pondering the thought of employing an Aesthetic Practioner/Massage Therapist as there will be two treatment rooms. The business would be offering advanced facials as well as massage. I know what it's like to not be...
  10. modernlydie

    A little something to bring you some festive cheer!

    So, in the first lockdown, my colleagues and I put together a parody of the Frozen song 'Let it go'. We got so fed up of clients asking us what to do with their hair so we created 'Let it grow'! So many people enjoyed it and it got shared all over the world. I noticed this time, lockdown has had...
  11. maccymoo

    COVID 19 for self employed

    Hi Guys, I’m wondering if anyone has found any information pertaining to the self employed that don’t have ratable value premises... for example mobile therapists, those like me that rent rooms... hairdressers renting chairs... I don’t think we qualify for the government grant, I think all we...
  12. J

    Starting mobile technician business

    Hello everyone, I’m due to start my mobile nail technician business next month and I was wondering what people’s set ups are. Do I need to buy a usb nail lamp and plug it into a portable charger? Or do people just plug their lamps into a wall? I also need advice on how to promote my business...
  13. S

    Pedicure education?

    Hello salon geek members I'm Sara and only just found this forum and so far I see so many of you supporting one and other and giving great advice which I think is just amazing. So I thought i would kindly see if I could ask for some feedback and any thoughts you may have on my idea? First of...
  14. Heffonikita

    Want to start a hair extension business, what to do?

    Going to keep this short, I have just turned 21 and have realized my time is waiting away from doing dead end jobs. Right now this is my situation, I work at 6am until 8am Monday to Friday cleaning a supermarket. I have never liked my jobs - ever, I am a positive person and I do try and make...
  15. L

    Mobile therapist tips

    Hey everyone! I’m quite new here and also new to the business aspect of things. I’m currently transitioning into aesthetics as a registered nurse and I have a few courses lined up (dermaplaning and microdermabrasion). I plan to do mobile services for my clients and I’m based in Kent but not to...
  16. E

    Starting a new business

    Hi, I am looking to start my own business I was looking for some tips and requirements. I have a small room set up and I have just qualified in level 2 beauty and moving to level 3 soon. I also do gel polish, tanning, lash extension and bridal make up. I wanted to know what else I need, for...
  17. S

    Do I need LVL certificate?

    Hi I am level 3 beauty trained and have my own room, I want to offer lvl lash lifts. I have been told I don’t need to do the course to be insured as long as I’m level 3 trained and can do tinting/lash perming. Does anyone know if this is true? Or do I have to do the course. Sarah
  18. jen1989cuttie

    Training & invalidating insurance

    Sorry I wasn’t sure where to post this but I was wondering if someone could help me! I went in a course that has been misrepresented and I was also taught things that could invalid my insurance. I was wondering if there is a law against that and what would it be under? I know the...
  19. M

    Best ways of promoting new business

    Hi, I have recently begun my own hair extension company, and as far as customers go, I just use my friends and their reccomendations at the moment, I use instagram but how to get customers attention, is what I really need help with. Has anyone got any tips for promoting?
  20. B

    Pop up massage shop?

    Hello everyone. I’m just starting out my own business in beauty and massage. I’m thinking of ways to promote myself. I thought pop up stations in work offices or even gyms could be a good idea where I could offer my massage services and taster services to promote myself and get my name out. How...