colour advice

  1. A

    What to use to lighten a dark permanent hair color?

    What can I add to a salon brand permanent hair color so that the color won't come out as dark?. I had bought some pro hair color to dye my hair with but now looking at the pictures on the box the color is a bit more dark then the color I was looking to achieve using it. I'm really wanting it to...
  2. Michaela scott jackson

    Please help me get rid of this blue

    Hi guys, So my friend and I ( we are both stylists)decided to have a hair day, I was definitely up for a colour change as I’d been having the same variation of shades in my long bob length hair for too long. As it was already a skillfully done balayage/ombré I decided to stay along these lines...
  3. M

    Need hair color advice involving stubborn Goldwell Elumen dye!

    Hi! I need advice, this is long overdue so I really need to finally figure out what's possible with my hair. I'm allergic to hair dye, and the only one I have found that doesn't cause a horrible reaction is Goldwell's Elumen line. I've had BR@6 applied to my hair for a long time but right now...
  4. M

    Coloured extensions

    Hey all needs some advice after colouring my clients extensions. So I've been hairdressing 10 years and started my own buisness in December, I've also trained in extensions December. We were advised to keep training and offering a no fitting charge for the first few months. So i fitted tape...
  5. S

    Mobile hairdressing

    Hi. I've been in industry 8years, a mobile beautician for a year and just starting to offer hairdressing on mobile basis as been doing hair for couple years. I've done cuts but would like to start colouring again. I like igora. My question is: what colours do I need to get to get me started...
  6. MilburnL

    Client has given me an image, need advice on what toner

    I thought of maybe using the wella 10/16 Anybody else have a better idea?
  7. Ditzydorey101

    Wella metallic formulas

    Hi geeks! I wondered if you guys could help me? I’m planning a photo shoot and I’m really drawn to metallics. I’ve been googling formulas and I’ve not been very successful! Do you guys have any Wella formulas that I could try out? I’ve attached two pictures to give an idea of what I mean but...
  8. F

    Best way to tackle white hair for brunettes?

    Hi, I’m a beauty geek, but hoping for some hair advice, please. I’m a natural brunette - spent my teens and twenties with super-dark, shiny hair. But from the age of 21 I started out with a white Mallon streak, which has now spread through my hair, and I would now say that I’m almost entirely...
  9. K

    Caramel on base 3

    Hi there.. I have a client who's currently a based 4. She's asked for caramel highlights underneath and a base 3 on remaining.. What would be the easiest way to go about the highlights? Would it be best to lighten then tone? Somone suggested to me to highlight with bleach then using the colour...
  10. charlottesteward03

    Need help with a naturally ginger client!

    So I’ve been doing this particular client for 4 and a half years. She’s always had a full head of roots touch-up using 6.0 & 6.1 mixed with 6% which has always covered the warmth from her ginger. Then she has a full head of bleach highlights after. Her hair was getting into great condition until...
  11. Caitlinnxx

    Shine line?

    Anyone know how to create a shine line through a fringe etc? Can’t find any tutorials
  12. E

    Colour advice

    At the end of my level 2 course. Friend of the family has asked me to colour her hair. She has blonde hair, previously used wella KP 9/38 She has roots approx 1.5” about 90%grey. She wants her roots doing and some foils to add in a different shade of blonde. Says she doesn’t mind if it’s...