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  1. Lauren952

    Help I need to colour roots how do I achieve a blonde clean roots

    Guys I need help, my mam likes the blonde look and this is her roots what should I use and do ? The only product knowledge I have is L’Oréal thanks
  2. Cuteyolz

    Hi lift hair dye/tint for grey hair?

    Hi guys i keep seeing people say in forums that hi lift brand hair dye eg. “true colour” isn’t made for grey hair. ***IM NOT TALKING ABOUT “ HIGH LIFT “ IN OTHER BRANDS, this is about HI LIFT brand ..the same company who makes HI LIft bleach and peroxide But, I contacted the...
  3. L

    White hair coverage

    Hi I've not done hair in quite a while just family so I'm really in need of a refresh on colour theory to reassure myself before i do this hair. She's been having highlights with 6% and a 10.21 toner which has been beautiful for 2 years. However, she's now salt and pepper in the back (the...
  4. Louise@Srunch

    Colour-changing brands

    Hi has anyone changed to MOOD hair colour due to prices being a lot lower than most brands out there ? If anyone has , how have they found it? I’ve been offered a deal to start of with but not sure if I should add it in or stick with the same one I’ve used last few years Thanks 😊
  5. Kristalinx

    Is there a semi permanent fix for this?

    Hi All, I've made a mess of my own hair and I'm just after a bit of reassurance that it's at least salvageable without any more damage. I'm a qualified hairdresser but it's been about 8 years since I worked professionally, I mostly just do my own hair and the odd family member now. It...
  6. J

    Burgundy/plum hair colour recommendations

    Hello everyone :) looking for advice on how to achieve this colour I’ve attached. will be putting the colour on a base 6 ends and roots are a 7. I used wella or L’Oréal, I was thinking wella 55/65 and for the roots I would mix some base 4/0 in. But let me know what you think :) Thank you
  7. S

    Colour brands?

    Hi can anyone please off advice on which brand is best to go with? I’m currently training and would like to trial on my block at home. Firstly I want to purchase a colour guide so I need to choose a brand before I start as to not waste money on different colour guide books.
  8. L


    Hi all! Hope you’re all well? I have a client coming in December, she has around 3 inches of root growth. She’s a natural level 5 but she usually lifts to a clean 9 (she’s always had a full head of back to back highlights) She’s sent me this photo of what she wants. I’m thinking full head of...
  9. L

    Colour change advice

    Hi. I need a little colour advice. I don’t often work with bright colours but I have a customer whose hair I pre lightened and dyed half yellow half orange. She would now like to go like the picture at the bottom and I’m not sure how to go about it. Would I need to strip out or pre colour etc. TIA
  10. T

    Help with a toner for scalp bleach

    Hi guys, I have an older client who used to just get foil highlights prelightener with 6% through her natural colour which was greyer on top dark at back, she then decided she wanted an all over colour 9.0, did that and a week or two later she wanted it lighter, I put foils through, still too...
  11. L

    Platinum blonde to brunette: hair filling done wrong in my head

    Hi I’m new here! And I’m having a terrible issue: I have been doing my platinum blonde bleached for 3 years now and I decided I wanted to grow my hair. I had about 4 inches of regrowth. My bleach work I always did it with Olaplex tone it with Koleston illumina. As soon as I decided to go dark...
  12. Gs Nails and Beauty

    Directions with colour correction

    So hair is not my area of expertise but I’m really hoping someone can help me! I had blonde ombré that, during lockdown, I stupidly decided to dye Purple using Directions dye. It has now washed out but left my hair a pale Green and Yellow. I tried to use a hair colour remover but it didn’t do...
  13. nichuntr

    Level 5 red toned to a level 7 ash

    Hi, I have a client who currently has a Milkshake 5.87 (I think, but definitely at a level 5) and she's wanting to go to Affinage 7.2 which is very ash. How am I going to do this? Lift to higher than a 7 and tone down? Do I need to use colour remover before hand to make it easier? Any help would...
  14. K

    Half head colour

    Hi my friends daughter has asked if I could colour her hair. She has base shade of 6 which is virgin but wants to part her hair down the middle and have half her natural colour and the other half koleston 12/81. I haven’t done colour for quite some time as I now only cut so a bit rusty. I...
  15. AJonesMobile

    Salon disaster surprisingly!

    Guys and Girls bit of a long one please bare with! Let me set the scene! o_O So for once i am the client with a problem however due to the tones left behind vs the condition of my hair i am completely stumped at what to do i know i should probably leave it alone for the best but im not happy...
  16. A

    What to use to lighten a dark permanent hair color?

    What can I add to a salon brand permanent hair color so that the color won't come out as dark?. I had bought some pro hair color to dye my hair with but now looking at the pictures on the box the color is a bit more dark then the color I was looking to achieve using it. I'm really wanting it to...
  17. Michaela scott jackson

    Please help me get rid of this blue

    Hi guys, So my friend and I ( we are both stylists)decided to have a hair day, I was definitely up for a colour change as I’d been having the same variation of shades in my long bob length hair for too long. As it was already a skillfully done balayage/ombré I decided to stay along these lines...
  18. M

    Need hair color advice involving stubborn Goldwell Elumen dye!

    Hi! I need advice, this is long overdue so I really need to finally figure out what's possible with my hair. I'm allergic to hair dye, and the only one I have found that doesn't cause a horrible reaction is Goldwell's Elumen line. I've had BR@6 applied to my hair for a long time but right now...
  19. M

    Coloured extensions

    Hey all needs some advice after colouring my clients extensions. So I've been hairdressing 10 years and started my own buisness in December, I've also trained in extensions December. We were advised to keep training and offering a no fitting charge for the first few months. So i fitted tape...
  20. S

    Mobile hairdressing

    Hi. I've been in industry 8years, a mobile beautician for a year and just starting to offer hairdressing on mobile basis as been doing hair for couple years. I've done cuts but would like to start colouring again. I like igora. My question is: what colours do I need to get to get me started...