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  1. E

    Hair too vibrant

    Hello, I’m after some advice. I have a client who asked for a red/copper balyage, I used majirouge 7/64 with 30vol to get the lift on her hair without pre-lightening. She feels it’s too vibrant so is coming back this weekend for it to be toned down. I’m thinking to put a flat 7 on top but just...
  2. AJonesMobile

    Balayage / Colour Correction

    Hi Guys, I have a lady booked for next week for 'balayage' however this is most deffinately a colour correction 🤣 I think I am over thinking things and how now thought of 100s of different formulas and possible outcomes but my brains frazzled 😂 Attached is photos of her hair now and her desired...
  3. G

    Orange/brassy brown to ash brown

    My mother has bleached her hair from a 2 to a brassy 7/8 and then dyed it brown with wkp 6/71. It’s come out brassy as she used a 20 vol developer. She then went on to ‘embrace’ the brass by dying it all 6/7 when she bleached her roots a month later. Brassier now, and with red tints to add...
  4. B

    Lifting Koleston 5/77

    Hi all, Bit of advice really, I coloured my hair 5/77 a couple of months ago forgetting that Koleston always goes darker than the chart on my hair. It went almost black so I just left it in hope it would fade. Its still pretty dark l, around base 5, and I'm hoping to get back to a more natural...
  5. T

    Help with a toner for scalp bleach

    Hi guys, I have an older client who used to just get foil highlights prelightener with 6% through her natural colour which was greyer on top dark at back, she then decided she wanted an all over colour 9.0, did that and a week or two later she wanted it lighter, I put foils through, still too...
  6. S

    Need help correcting hair that has gone too ashy and dark

    So i let my friend practice using wella colour i wanted a natural dirty blonde thats close to my hair colour but is lighter. We chose wella illumina 7.81 and she mixed it with 9.0 to lighten the tone with 1.9% developer (i had ligjt golden blonde colour treated hair) The colour seemed to turn...
  7. L

    Platinum blonde to brunette: hair filling done wrong in my head

    Hi I’m new here! And I’m having a terrible issue: I have been doing my platinum blonde bleached for 3 years now and I decided I wanted to grow my hair. I had about 4 inches of regrowth. My bleach work I always did it with Olaplex tone it with Koleston illumina. As soon as I decided to go dark...
  8. Gs Nails and Beauty

    Directions with colour correction

    So hair is not my area of expertise but I’m really hoping someone can help me! I had blonde ombré that, during lockdown, I stupidly decided to dye Purple using Directions dye. It has now washed out but left my hair a pale Green and Yellow. I tried to use a hair colour remover but it didn’t do...
  9. AJonesMobile

    Salon disaster surprisingly!

    Guys and Girls bit of a long one please bare with! Let me set the scene! o_O So for once i am the client with a problem however due to the tones left behind vs the condition of my hair i am completely stumped at what to do i know i should probably leave it alone for the best but im not happy...
  10. H

    Colour advice please

    Hi! After some advice on a client I'm doing a colour for please. She has a natural ginger root coming through into previously coloured hair (around base 5/6 with hints of red/purple). She is wanting to lighten her overall colour (to a base 7) with ash tones running into a balyage (as light as...
  11. G

    Regrowth dilemma

    So every time I do my clients re-growth (thankfully she’s a close friend of mine) the tone always grabs ridiculously and I end up having to colour it 2 times. she’s naturally a base 9/10, extremely light - she’s Swedish. But her all over colour is a base 6, with balayage highlights through out...
  12. A

    Help! Colour correction urgent advice needed

    please help . I have been doing a client for the past 6 months. she is a base 4, I have been using a high lift 12 on her which brings me to a golden 8. Today she told me that she wanted to go a little darker then usual and wanted to go to an ash tone. I applied 8.1(ash) and 10.1 total of 50g...
  13. H

    Colour correction

    Hi, looking for some advice on this new client I have. She’s boxed coloured her hair for a while and is wanting to go lighter. She’s about a 3/0 and She has about 5% grey at the roots. I’ve suggested a nxt colour remover to strip the box colour. I’m just wondering after that could I go straight...
  14. B

    Matrix Coloursync toner Sheer Pastel

    Hi guys! Quick question, can you use matrix SPN (coloursync demi) to add a little warmth when toning? Thinking of using this formula SPV + SPN (1:1) (Sheer pastel violet + sheer pastel neutral) create a beige blonde on prelightened yellow level 9/10 hair. Her ends are slightly porus...
  15. Michaela scott jackson

    Please help me get rid of this blue

    Hi guys, So my friend and I ( we are both stylists)decided to have a hair day, I was definitely up for a colour change as I’d been having the same variation of shades in my long bob length hair for too long. As it was already a skillfully done balayage/ombré I decided to stay along these lines...
  16. K

    Colour correction

    My client isa base 6. With brown out growing root drag about a base 5, i have recently stripped my clients hair as I couldn’t cover the brown again as my client wants orange hair, like a 8.34 wella. It got rid of almost all the brown from the colour remover, and her ends were a very light...