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I have recently qualified 5 months ago in SPMU, but I really want to do more, I currently offer Ombre brows, brow treatments, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion.

I feel like I am not receiving the client base, I want to purchase a course that offers 14 qualifications and a free teaching training, this will be something implemented in the future as me and a friend have recently started renting a shop.

What are your options, should I wait and master my brows and then poetically end up spending more money on the course because I've always wanted to do fillers and be aesthetician?

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If you have the funds and time I'd do it now, if you are good at what you do then your diary will potentially be fully booked and you'll struggle to find time to take extra training. 14 qualifications sounds like a lot from one course so you need to work out how it will fit with opening a new shop.


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I didnt think of this, thank you