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    Best storage for The Gel Bottle Gel polishes?

    Hi all, I’ve spent hours searching for a case or storage that will hold around 50+ gel polishes from The Gel Bottle and will fit them. I’m looking for more a case as I already have a large storage box/trolly for all my equipment I’m mobile so ideally need the storage case. can any suggest...
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    Help choosing a professional gel?

    Hi all I’m looking for a bit of advice I’ve been working in salons on and off since 16. I am now wanting to be mobile and return to work after having little ones. I have invested a lot of money in candycoat and I do get on with it. But have had couple problems with not curing or just peeling...
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    The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hello, I’m looking to change brands to the gel bottle inc as I have heard so many good things about it! I currently use gelish and am thinking of getting a few of tgb colours and base & top and trialling on my clients. Then if I really like it to go on the course. Can anyone else share their...
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    Burns or reaction?

    Can anyone help with this, got gels done and the person told me to flip over my hands in the uv lamp stage to cure the bottoms but now I have swollen gross fingers, I’ll attach some photos below. The doctor has given me some steroid cream to help but if anyone knows why it happed that would be...
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    Gel polish recommendations?

    I have a gel polish course next Tuesday. The starter kit comes with Halo gel polishes. Just wondering if anyone has used this brand and if it’s any good for beginners? The starter kit is optional so if the reviews aren’t great I won’t bother. Any other affordable gels for beginners would be...
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    Gelish toes

    Hello? I forgot to apply ph bond before foundation when doing gelish toes! Silly of me, do you think they will be ok with out it? Has anyone ever forgot before? I just went from cleanser to foundation. I’m hoping because toes are more hard wearing it’ll be ok. Any reassurance would be great...
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    Issues with lifting and breaking gel nails

    Hi everyone, I became qualified to use ProNails products last year and gave up after a few months as my confidence took a huge knock. All of my clients would lose nails or they'd all end up snapping off and I just felt that I couldn't produce a good enough set and I wasn't getting any better...
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    Gelish 18g lamp?

    Can anyone help with hand placement in the 18g lamp please? I worry that the hand is too far in or not far enough in to be cured properly. How do you explain to the client to put there hand in? I feel like it hard to see if it’s in the right place as you obviously can’t see inside the lamp...
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    Gelish chipping

    I am qualified in gelish and have done a lot of nails since and I’m getting mixed results. Some people come back with 2-3 weeks no chips and others they only last about a week! My routine is - Remove any polish on the nail File nails Dry cuticle work Then buff the nail very lightly Then brush...
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    Hand placement in Gelish lamp?

    Hi, Does anyone who uses gelish 18g lamp have any tips on hand placement please? How do you know your clients have their hand correctly placed in the lamp? Do you put something inside or can you tell by looking at them? I’ve heard to look out for ‘thumb clevage’? I’m just trying to exclude any...
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    Is it possible to overcure Gelish?

    Hi is it possible to overcure top coat gelish? I was doing nails the other day and couldn’t remember if my lamp switched on to cure the top coat for 30 seconds (it’s the sensored 18g lamp) silly of me I know not to notice!! But I then asked the lady to put her nails in again do for 30secs. I’m...
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    Gelish nails chipping?

    One clients experience chipping 5 days after having gelish done, most get 2-3 weeks or at least 10 days, I have given solar oil and after care advice and she’s said she’s followed it but from this picture does it look like oil is being used? I think they look very dry, I can’t think of what else...
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    Gelish help

    Hi everyone, I have been using gelish for a good few months now, I have some people who’s gelish last 2-3 weeks but then others are only getting about 10 or so days. I have spoke to the ones who’s have chipped/peeled and they’ve said they haven’t used their cuticle oil much or have been wearing...
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    Quick dip acrylic nails

    What does everyone think about quick dip nails? I wanted to maybe introduce them to my clients as it’s kind of the new thing at the moment. I was wondering if for clients is it best to pour the powder on rather than dip their fingers in incase of cross contamination? And also if it’s okay to...
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    Gel range without nasties!

    Hi ladies I’ve just qualified for nails but would prefer to use a brand for gels that is less chemical & free of nasties! The same for cuticle softeners etc & maybe a low odour acetone but realise this may not be possible. Can anyone recommend please? X