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  1. tjrm27

    Shades eq formulation help - platinum to natural blonde

    Hi all! I’ve been using shades eq for around a year, and I’m loving it but I’m not as educated with it as I am with L’Oreal. This week I’m planning to return my friend from her current level 10 scalp bleach to a dimensional, natural blonde. I’m happy with the technique I’ve chosen - half head...
  2. U

    Wella hair advice

    Hi, been out for abit so just want a little advice. My client (first pic) has a very out grown patchy colour and is hoping to go warmer (in her words ginger) but lighter. She wants a 9/3 or 9/4 or near to the second pic. She is a base 5. She doesn’t want bleach. I use Wella. What would u guys do ??
  3. W

    What is the most requested service in your salon?

    We find that face framing balayage are very popular. What about in your salon?
  4. bubbliki

    Choosing best color for clients

    Hello hairdressers! I would love to hear your tips for choosing the most flattering tones for our clients. What do u look for? Eye color, skin undertones? Any tried and true favorites? Tips for choosing the right tones? Thanks so much! I’ve done a bit of reading and have some of my own ideas...
  5. E

    Tint turned hair auburn

    hello, My friend has a tint put on her naturally dark hair (I’d say she’s around a level 4/5) and the tint was a level 8. The hairdresser didn’t use any bleach, just tint. Now instead of being blonde, her hair looks a lot more auburn and is still pretty dark too. Dan anyone explain why this...
  6. D

    Going from red to brown using Wella

    Hello! I just discovered this website and I hope I can find some help. I'm still learning about hair and have been trying to dye my own hair at home during this pandemic. I currently have copper hair (Igora 9-7), and I want to transition to a chocolate brown color, I'be been researching the...
  7. J

    Burgundy/plum hair colour recommendations

    Hello everyone :) looking for advice on how to achieve this colour I’ve attached. will be putting the colour on a base 6 ends and roots are a 7. I used wella or L’Oréal, I was thinking wella 55/65 and for the roots I would mix some base 4/0 in. But let me know what you think :) Thank you
  8. R

    Back to original hair colour

    Hello everyone, I‘m trying to get back to my original hair color: And my hair currently looks like this: It’s been bleached and toned with Wella Color Touch. All the hairdressers in my country are currently closed because of Covid so I am hoping that you can lead me into the right direction...
  9. K

    Scalp irritation after bleaching

    Hi, so yesterday I recently got my whole head bleached, and went through a lot of pain, which was made known to my hairdresser. She continued and said that it was normal. I had told her I had seborrheic dermatitis and had an extremely sensitive scalp. By the end of the session my hair was...
  10. ellamayyya

    Help with hair color - level 2/3 to level 5

    Trying to achieve a level 5 warm ash-brown on my sister's level 2(3?) very dark brown virgin hair. I'm a novice at dyeing, so I'd really appreciate some help on how to go about it. Should I tint or bleach? What are the best products to use? I've attatched pictures of the current hair color and...
  11. M

    Green hair please help

    Hello, which toner would you recommend for a 9-10 level hair with a slight greenish tint to cancel it out and neutralize it?
  12. S

    Wella & Matrix

    I want to use Wella grey for the roots & mids but blend Matrix teal in from the ends... Will this be an issue using the Matrix tone-on-tone (uses 10vol developer) and Wella using their own developer? I'm a bit worried about the blend. Should I do the grey, wash out, then do the teal ends and...
  13. I

    Hair colouring help

    Im planning on toning my hair myself but I don’t know anything about how to mix the colors together. I’m using Redken’s shade EQ, I provided a chart and the color I want to get to. If anyone is experienced, please let me know what colors I should mix together. Thank you...
  14. L

    Help with Wella Koleston Perfect me + special mix?

    Just getting started in hair colouring as I'm more focused on skincare. Did some research on wella koleston as a friend offered to help me out and picked a shade she liked. For special mix, do I have to mix it with another colour creme too? I successfully bleached her hair and have ordered...
  15. B

    Warming up platinum blonde

    I have a client who wanted platinum blonde hair. we used bleach with a volume 30 on her new growth and applied to roots last. we did a second application of bleach with volume 30 and got to that nice pale banana color. we then applied wella t18 on bleached hair first and then lastly to the rest...
  16. S

    Need advice on bleaching hair!

    Okay so a little history on my hair! I’ve always been a blonde, every now and again I would dye my hair light brown just for something different but I always go back to blonde! Usually what I do is I just get box dye like Féria and it usually lifts it enough for me. I dyed my hair from light...
  17. K

    Jeffree Star hair colour

    Hi guys, My sister is thinking of switching up her blonde but nothing too drastic. Shes seen these photos on Instagram and is obsessed with the colour. I normally use Wella but I'm open to suggestions if anyone can help recommend a toner similar to the shade in the photos?
  18. L

    Hair help!

    So i did the worst thing ever, i went from dark purple red and bleached it up, it lifted well but ginger bits so toned it down with light ash blonde, still ginger so i used silver toner, now have white roots and pink colour, what colour can i use to fix this? Would dark blonde cover it and even...
  19. R

    Need help with Matrix

    Hi geeks I use Koleston but I’ve been asked to do colours with Matrix. One red violet 6RV need it to be permanent. Hair is white so i will be calling this virgin hair. Guessing it has to stay on for 20 mins? The other is KIXS?. KIXS doesn’t seem to have a number. And this will be a regrowth...
  20. S

    Help with uneven silver hair

    So I have bleached my hair twice and toned it twice then applied La Riché Directions silver colour with tint brush and it's all uneven what should I do. I attached photos of my hair.