hair color

  1. K

    Jeffree Star hair colour

    Hi guys, My sister is thinking of switching up her blonde but nothing too drastic. Shes seen these photos on Instagram and is obsessed with the colour. I normally use Wella but I'm open to suggestions if anyone can help recommend a toner similar to the shade in the photos?
  2. L

    Hair help!

    So i did the worst thing ever, i went from dark purple red and bleached it up, it lifted well but ginger bits so toned it down with light ash blonde, still ginger so i used silver toner, now have white roots and pink colour, what colour can i use to fix this? Would dark blonde cover it and even...
  3. R

    Need help with Matrix

    Hi geeks I use Koleston but I’ve been asked to do colours with Matrix. One red violet 6RV need it to be permanent. Hair is white so i will be calling this virgin hair. Guessing it has to stay on for 20 mins? The other is KIXS?. KIXS doesn’t seem to have a number. And this will be a regrowth...
  4. S

    Help with uneven silver hair

    So I have bleached my hair twice and toned it twice then applied La Riché Directions silver colour with tint brush and it's all uneven what should I do. I attached photos of my hair.
  5. K

    Black hair dye removal

    Hey guys. Could you please tell me exactly how you would remove layers of black hair dye please without the tint stripper kits you can get? I’d be very grateful. Thank you xx
  6. A

    What to use to lighten a dark permanent hair color?

    What can I add to a salon brand permanent hair color so that the color won't come out as dark?. I had bought some pro hair color to dye my hair with but now looking at the pictures on the box the color is a bit more dark then the color I was looking to achieve using it. I'm really wanting it to...
  7. I

    Scalp bleach to balayage + Wella Color Touch Plus

    I have a client who is a level 10 (on scalp lightner) who wishes to return to her natural level (a 6) but with lighter highlights predominantly to frame hair face. My plan is to do foils (most likely a T-section) and then use a demi permanent colour in-between to smudge her roots into the...
  8. C

    Other brand equivalent of Ion 8.34

    Hi, So I’ve recently discovered that my go-to hair colour is now no longer available on Sally’s - it’s either been discontinued or it’s just been out of stock for the last 2 months. For years I’ve beeb using Ion Permanent in 8.34 Light Golden Copper Blonde, and it’s the PERFECT shade. I tried...
  9. F

    Hair color

    A few months ago i dyed my hair Permanent red and bleached it but only some bleach took so i decided to go black(permanent). After a month of black i bleached it and thats where disaster started. My gair was orange, brown, and black. after using a color remover i haf just an orange color. After...
  10. C

    Cool blonde, but not grey!

    Okay I’m open to try new brands, because I just can’t find that perfect cool blonde toner, on day to day basis clients are always asking for their hair to be highlighted and toned a lovely cool blonde, BUT don’t want to be GREY! (They never really ask for bleach on scalp, as they don’t want to...
  11. Heffonikita

    Dyed blonde highlights with a box hair dye

    Hi everybody, if anybody can be any help would appreciate it :) I dyed my hair about 2 weeks ago - purple (box dye) previously I went to the hairdresser and got blonde highlights and threw a semi-permanent hair dye the color purple over it. It turned out really lovely and I did a fine job of...
  12. G

    Has anyone used Marijel cool cover?

    Client has a natural cool base level 6.5-7, darkest ash blonde with about an inch of roots coming through and the rest of lengths a warm golden level 8 and is looking to go back to her natural colour, despite her natural ash tone she lifts very red, I’ve been recommended Marijel cool cover to...
  13. Caitlin Faulks

    Highlift in foils L’Oreal/Wella

    Hey! I'm interested to hear about what people have experimented with and have used in foils in terms of highlift mixtures and what the outcome was with Wella/Loreal. Also interested in the bases they were used on too! Thanks
  14. M

    Need hair color advice involving stubborn Goldwell Elumen dye!

    Hi! I need advice, this is long overdue so I really need to finally figure out what's possible with my hair. I'm allergic to hair dye, and the only one I have found that doesn't cause a horrible reaction is Goldwell's Elumen line. I've had BR@6 applied to my hair for a long time but right now...
  15. HCMobile

    Full scalp bleach to ombré help!

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a client who has full scalp bleach now wanting a more natural ombré look. I’ve been out of hairdressing for a little while now due to health reasons. Her natural base colour is about a level 7. I’ve attached photos of her current hair colour and what I’m trying to achieve...
  16. S

    Mobile hairdressing

    Hi. I've been in industry 8years, a mobile beautician for a year and just starting to offer hairdressing on mobile basis as been doing hair for couple years. I've done cuts but would like to start colouring again. I like igora. My question is: what colours do I need to get to get me started...
  17. C

    Colours needed to make this hair colour?

    Hi guys, I need some professional advice here since I am a newbie, What colours from the Loreal Majeril collection would I have to use in order to create this perfect coppery ginger shade? Although I prefer Majirel, other suggested brands are welcome too. Thanks a lot!
  18. A

    What’s a pure tone (in Aveda hair color), what’s it's purpose and how’s it used?

    I am starting at an Aveda Salon tomorrow, and it has been 6 months since I've worked with Aveda hair color. I'm pretty sure I know which pure tones correspond to each level, I've just forgotten the purpose and the meaning of pure tones. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks in advance...