Qualifications when travelling overseas?


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Jul 19, 2018
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I am new to the industry (and posting on SG). I work on the side of my "normal job" and have a small customer base do waxing, lashes + brows and massage.

I wondered if anyone has used their qualifications whilst travelling overseas?

Mostly, I want to know how difficult it is to obtain mobile licensing abroad on a short term basis?

Thanks in advanced
Presumably it depends on the country you’re visiting?
Presumably it depends on the country you’re visiting?

Not to exclude experiences, I have no travel planned. Really I just wanted to hear experiences. My thought process, for ease of transferability of website etc, would be Commonwealth (working holiday visa applicable) countries ie New Zealand, Canada, Oz, SA
Update for anyone that looks, I was looking on online course insurance policies and found this:

- Mobile policy ensures you are covered to work anywhere across the UK and on short trips abroad (excluding USA/Canada) as long as you are UK resident (https://www.thebeautyacademy.org/online-course-insurance/, 2018)

I imagine - please correct me if I'm wrong - that there will be similar options on policies across the board?

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