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  1. D

    Beauty salon room sub-let

    Hello all! Would appreciate some advice on the following.. I am keen to start out on my own in the beauty industry but setting up a salon is not financially feasible right now. I’ve viewed a couple of rooms in hair salons but they were both very loud and without basins. I have however found a...
  2. M

    Starting a self employed business

    Hi everyone. I’m new here. I’ve booked myself on to some nail courses with the hopes of starting a small mobile business. I just have a few questions if any can help?..... 1) when I register as self employed, is that from the date of my first paying customer or should I register now as I heard...
  3. B

    Client list

    I would like some advice please....... bare with me while I give the back story...... I’ve worked in a salon for 2.5years now on a self employed basis.....being paid commission for the treatments I did. Around 60% of the clients were already going to the salon when I started, and approximately...
  4. F

    Hair extension courses!

    Hi everyone xx I’m hoping someone can help me! I want to do a hair extension course and I’ve been trying to research the best one. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews about most courses (and lots of fake positive reviews it seems) so it can get really confusing! I’ve chosen Maxwell Malia...
  5. S

    Opening new salon - product recommendations

    Hi Everyone - I am opening a new salon (not too high end , want to be accessible but still well priced!). I am trying to figure out how many different brands i should carry for color and haircare. I am hesitating between buying from 1 brand or many and also not sure who I should be buying...
  6. E


    Hi, I’m looking to start a new business. Sick of working for someone else and I’ve always had a flare for beauty but never decided to follow that route. I’ve found a few course that are all fully credited and come with a level 4 certificate which each take 6 months to complete. I was wondering...
  7. ShaunaBeauty

    Just starting out!

    Hi everyone, I’m a newly qualified Beauty Therapist ( Level 2 and 3 ) and I’m hoping to start my business! I have no clue how to start out! What I already know is what treatments i’ll Be doing. However what I’m stuck on is 1. Business Name 2. How to advertise and build a clientele ( I have...
  8. S

    New to acrylic and need help!

    I had a few questions I would love some answers to! I’m new to the world of acrylics! I wanted to ask which would you say is easier to work with coloured acrylics OR polish on top of clear acrylics? Would you have to apply a thin clear acrylic layer under coloured acrylic wouldn’t this make...
  9. E

    Starting a new business

    Hi, I am looking to start my own business I was looking for some tips and requirements. I have a small room set up and I have just qualified in level 2 beauty and moving to level 3 soon. I also do gel polish, tanning, lash extension and bridal make up. I wanted to know what else I need, for...
  10. jen1989cuttie

    Sunbeds advice!

    I'm looking for sunbeds to buy, i came across a website that sells refurbished sunbeds for £1200 (the website said someting about small business's and i think it said its in kent) but me being silly i thought i would be able to remember the website. I've been searching and searching but i cant...
  11. T

    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    Hello, I have a salon in Norfolk. It is currently only me working there but I am thinking of getting someone in, part time, on a self employed basis. I have a few things that I am unsure of regarding how this would work. I understand that they are not employed by me and therefore are not...
  12. C

    Run away client

    Hi all, looking for some advise on how too deal with a bad experience. So, today I had a client in for a full set of acrylics. I qualified almost 7 weeks ago and my prices reflect this. She is fully aware I am new qualified and why I only charge £15. She agreed this was fine and we booked it...
  13. E

    Advice needed, going mobile

    Hi geeks, apologies in advance for the long post! So I'm thinking about going mobile after the new year. I currently have a salon, only been open 6 months circumstances that came to open the salon meant it was very rushed an not planned out well at all but the opportunity came and I didn't want...
  14. S

    I have my qualification, what now?

    Hey everyone! I'm stuck in a bit of a slump and was hoping someone could help. I've newly qualified as a lash tech and I am excited and ready to start, I have done a few treatments on friends and family but I don't really know where to start off in terms of making it a business. I can't do it...
  15. P

    Best country to work in?

    I am currently gaining ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) qualifications in nails gel and acrylic, manicures and pedicures, beauty therapy and make-up, waxing, tanning, hairdressing and massage. I am based in Dublin, Ireland, but was wondering if, after qualifying next year, I...