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  1. R

    Help, clean n easy roller wax being discontinued, what should I get?!

    For over 10 years I have used the same wax machine - the clean n easy roller wax spa system. I have 2 of them in my salon and was going to buy another but have been informed it’s being discontinued, which explains why I’ve been struggling to get hold of the wax for it lately. The other...
  2. W

    Waxing therapists wanted

    Experienced or new waxers wanted across manchester rochdale sheffield Leeds liverpool Cheshire and surrounding areas. We are a well established chain of waxing studios with plans for rapid expansion over the next couple of years. We are planning to open in a town near you. If you are a 5 star...
  3. H

    Problems with soft wax

    Hi all, I am new to waxing and can’t quite seem to figure out how to use my waxing stuff at home. I learnt in a salon and the wax was heated up and ready to go for me and I waxed a few people absolutely fine. Now I have bought my own wax pot (s-pro starter kit) and I can’t figure out the correct...
  4. S

    Wax brow graze injury help, not sure why?

    Hey, I hope someone can offer me some advice I have a client who I did a tint and wax for over a year ago, (no issues what so ever). She returned to me yesterday for another tint and wax (patch test done) it resulted in grazing (skin lift) underneath both eyebrows which was noticeable right...
  5. R

    Practice model

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is the correct place to post this so delete if not allowed. I've been a male intimate wax practice model for around 12 years, but now with most training centers not able to take groups I'm wondering if you might know someone that needs someone to practice on? I'm...
  6. G

    Massage bed problem

    Hi all. Not skin related BUT I’ve just opened my own salon and have a massage room with a massage bed...bought it all set it all up...not realising until yesterday that it’s around 10-15 cm too small for me. It comes up to my mid thigh, but really I need it to be waist height so that I am not...
  7. P

    Mobile waxing, how do you pack?

    Hello everyone :) I was considering going mobile. I enjoy waxing a lot but have a 6 year old and I wanted to try mobile mainly for the flexibility! My current mobile waxers ... how do you try to pack lightly? how is your set up? do you use a message bed? I saw a youtube video where the girl...
  8. A

    Hollywood waxing!

    Hello my lovelies I pray you are all well and staying safe! I really need help!! I used to get my hollywood wax done from the salon before the whole covid-19 however when lockdown happened I had no choice but to try it out myself and I must admit I am well proud of myself as I have now learnt...
  9. L


    Hi all, I have just started my own business and I’m renting a room in a holistic/ lash training salon. I have existing clients already (not a lot) but I am trying to find as many ways as possible to promote, I have done leaflet dropping, Facebook and Instagram ads but I am now thinking of going...
  10. K

    Waxing schedule stress

    Hi everyone, I used to regularly wax myself (Brazilian, legs, armpits) every 4 weeks, but I noticed I could never get in to a good hair growth pattern, particularly with the Brazillian. I would notice sufficient hair growth at the correct length to wax, yet there were patches that would be...
  11. N

    Getting bikini wax from male beautician?

    Hi..girls I'm getting ready for my wedding day and my beautecian is male. He is best for bridal make up dressing all.. I usually goes to his saloon for normal wax except bikini.. but now I need to do bikini waxing and he offers goodsl reasonable package for makeup and waxing ( Brazilian /...
  12. jen1989cuttie

    Wax pot bucket

    Heya I was wondering if anyone can help me please, I have a Lycon wax pot and it didn’t come with the wax bucket that goes in the wax pot I rang them and they said it’s discontinued and they aren’t getting them in again...the lady said I can get one from Sally’s or Ellisons... i ordered the...
  13. Abbie's Beautyful Treats

    Wax kit for beginner

    Hello, Im qualified for waxing (with my level 2 beauty qualification) but as I’ve always been mobile I didn’t offer waxing, I am now setting up in a treatment room and would like to add waxing to my treatments. I was thinking of offering the service to clients at a reduced price while I...
  14. 1

    Recently qualified in waxing!

    Hiya! I have recent completed a waxing course with Capital Hair and Beauty as I wanted to firstly see it I enjoyed waxing and secondly as a way to make a bit of extra money. I just need some advice on my next steps, I will be offering mobile treatments which will just be waxing at the moment but...
  15. HMC

    What can you do about ingrown hairs?

    All your tips and advice please for either a client who gets ingrown hairs (mild or severe) or to prepare my new therapist for clients questions. Thanks in advance.
  16. S

    Wax temperature

    Does anyone know if room temperature affects the temp of wax? I use creme wax and always test on myself first, usually on Number 6 and have had it a few months, as it’s been summer I’ve had the window open however now it’s getting cooler I no longer have the window open and wax feels more hot /...
  17. E

    Waxing business vs laser business - help!

    Hi, I’m currently trying to weigh up different options for going self-employed in the future and need some advise! I’m currently experienced in waxing (facial, body, intimate etc) however don’t have any official qualifications (I was trained through the company I work for). I think to get...
  18. T

    Cirepil Cashmere wax

    Hi, I've been using euroblonde wax for years and have always bought them straight away so I usually don't bother even looking at other waxes. I noticed the cashmere wax on the ellisons site and this looked good! I wondered if anyone had used this wax and how it compared to euroblonde for...
  19. Luxury Lashes - London

    Waxing course advice

    Hello, I am L2 VTCT qualified and absolutely love everything beauty related and done multiple training courses but i'm not working in beauty at the moment (always in and out due to finances and being scared to leave a stable job to pursue my dream!) I want to get back into it again and have...
  20. Carly Nelson

    Beauty room available to rent in Penkhull, stoke on trent

    Beauty room available from 23rd July. The space • A bright, newly decorated beauty room & shower room. • Shared reception room & staffroom. • Storage area • Disabled access • Parking, as well as a bus stop outside the salon. • Easy road links to Newcastle (5 mins), Hanley (8 mins) and Stoke (5...