1. S

    Wax temperature

    Does anyone know if room temperature affects the temp of wax? I use creme wax and always test on myself first, usually on Number 6 and have had it a few months, as it’s been summer I’ve had the window open however now it’s getting cooler I no longer have the window open and wax feels more hot /...
  2. E

    Waxing business vs laser business - help!

    Hi, I’m currently trying to weigh up different options for going self-employed in the future and need some advise! I’m currently experienced in waxing (facial, body, intimate etc) however don’t have any official qualifications (I was trained through the company I work for). I think to get...
  3. T

    Cirepil Cashmere wax

    Hi, I've been using euroblonde wax for years and have always bought them straight away so I usually don't bother even looking at other waxes. I noticed the cashmere wax on the ellisons site and this looked good! I wondered if anyone had used this wax and how it compared to euroblonde for...
  4. Luxury Lashes - London

    Waxing course advice

    Hello, I am L2 VTCT qualified and absolutely love everything beauty related and done multiple training courses but i'm not working in beauty at the moment (always in and out due to finances and being scared to leave a stable job to pursue my dream!) I want to get back into it again and have...
  5. Carly Nelson

    Beauty room available to rent in Penkhull, stoke on trent

    Beauty room available from 23rd July. The space • A bright, newly decorated beauty room & shower room. • Shared reception room & staffroom. • Storage area • Disabled access • Parking, as well as a bus stop outside the salon. • Easy road links to Newcastle (5 mins), Hanley (8 mins) and Stoke (5...
  6. R

    Facial waxing

    Hello! What are everyone's top tips on facial waxing? -How do you all prep the skin -Things you have learned that whilst doing facial waxing and how to get the best possible wax -Do you add any "facial" services onto your face waxing services such as masks,moisturizers I find that grazing...
  7. A

    White patch after forearm wax

    Hi everyone First post here.. I had a lady in for her first forearm wax on Thursday. She has slightly sensitive skin. Wax temperature at its normal temp as usual and skin was fine post wax. She sent me a message on Friday saying at first that one area on her forearm was red (almost looked...
  8. 1beautyguru

    MyLee waxing kits

    Has anyone tried the brand MyLee, especially the waxing kits they have on Amazon. I need a wax heater to start up and begin doing treatments. I wanted to but the kit that includes the beads,(Hot/Hard Wax). I’m really interested in the warmer but I thought I may as well try their wax too while...
  9. R

    Beauty room to rent in Islington

    Angel Faces Salon is looking for an individual, preferrably with their own clients to rent a beauty room. This is a professional hair and beauty salon based in London, N1 area. For further information please contact 07882532890 or email Raisapak@hotmail.com
  10. P

    Do you say something when you see genital warts on clients?

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the waxing salon business. My salon has been opened for almost a year now I noticed that once in a while I will have a client who has genital warts, come to do Brazilian or Hollywood or someone with extremely strong rotten smells which is different from usual smells...
  11. V

    Brow design training

    Hi guys. I’m looking for a training course for brow shaping, tinting, etc . I’m not interested in HD but wondered if anyone could recommend a training course? Thanks in advance.
  12. BecxBeauty

    Cruelty-free waxing

    Has anyone managed to find a warm-wax that is cruelty free, sold in the UK? Thanks!
  13. M

    Apprentice bikini waxing, help!

    Hi there, I’m about 4 months into my apprenticeship and ive started bikini waxing... any tips I always find like it goes all stringy and just ends up a mess for me. Any tips on a fast and efficient bikini wax??? Please!!!!
  14. R

    Mobile waxing - new, help!

    Hello, (I’m very new to all of this please be kind) I have just started mobile spray tanning and I’m just about to start doing mobile waxing. Does anyone have any advice for mobile waxing? I’ve got a lightweight massage bed that folds down. And all my equipment I just need a good trolley to...
  15. S

    Male chest wax help

    Hi All, I'm looking for advice on how to prevent spots / red marks after waxing - i waxed my boyfriends chest for the first time a few weeks ago and he came out in an awful rash - afterwards - i used hive honey wax - he had no discomfort during the treatment so i have no cause to believe it is...
  16. Chrissie0444

    Waxing and tinting?

    Hi guys, I have just completed my eyebrow 7 day step course and i was just wondering what forms do i need my clients to sign when having their eyebows done like for tinting and waxing? I know i need a patch test form for the tint but do i need any other forms? Thanks
  17. J

    Looking for a business partner in Bucks - High Wycombe

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for a business partner! I have been in the beauty and tanning industry for almost 18 years, I’m just in the process of hoping to take on the shop next door to my beauty salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s on a main road with fantastic passing trade footfall...
  18. Chrissie0444

    Waxing, right temperature?

    Hi guys, I have just finished a brow course and I’m very new and not done nay brows except mine and my partner. I’ve waxed my brow ( went sore and is now scaling ) and waxed my boyfriends brow and his was red for a bit. I’m not sure if I am getting the right temperature or I’m not stripping...
  19. Chrissie0444

    Double dipping!

    Hello guys, I have just passed my advance brow course today and I was told not to double dip! I got home and done mine and my partners brows and I realised I double dipped on both of us! I have just put the whole tub of wax in and I feel so silly and the trainer said no double dipping so many...
  20. L

    Help needed! - Beauty Therapist LVL2

    Good afternoon ALL, I'm new in here. I've just qualified my beauty therapy lvl 2 (going on LVL 3 in seprember). But, I have had many doubts on all the treatments that I can offer, where to start from, the main thing when I finish my LVL 3 is faicals as I love doing them, in the mean while, I...