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  1. M

    Wella colour

    Hi A client has come in with their previous salon colour. She has said that they did 2 x dark to 1 x blonde of wella blondor + 9% Wella illumina color 20g 7/81 + 10g 8/ + 20g 6% She has full head of highlights and wants to achieve a champagne look. Her hair colour is fairly close to this...
  2. H

    Advice on Wella Illumina colour please

    Hi there I am not a professional but someone who has coloured my own hair in between salon treatments. I'm in my early 60's and had coloured hair since a teenager and so with advice from past hairdresser I have picked up some knowledge. I have just moved house and went to a salon for the...
  3. Ineslassoued2010

    Wella illumina advice

    After coloring roots with 7.81 and 6 illumina with 1.9% pastel color and rest of hair with 9.03 and 10 and 9.7 the hair was fine but after first wash hair turned brassy and orangy what should i do
  4. yellowmess

    Fixing bright bleached roots, gold, darker or peach (Wella Illumina)

    First: I am not a pro,... and I am only hurting myself with experimentation, and I know very basic colourist language. I am reading this forum for 3 years already, just today created an account because I need some help. I am natural 4-5 (brown to dark brown, with 1/5 gray). I am expat in very...
  5. Jencam

    Wella help please?

    Hi ...I'm hoping someone can help with my rollercoaster of a mess hair colour. I qualified as a hairdresser in 1990 but only worked a couple of years, therefore little experience. Three yrs ago I went through breast cancer ( mastectomy, chemo, radio, hormone treatment & forced menopause) &...
  6. artemiss

    Illumina level 5 ash brown advice

    Trying to achieve level 5 ash brown on a level 6 (virgin hair) with Illumina. Fine wavy hair that pulls a lot of warmth even with low developer. Wella tends to run dark, so I'm worried 5/81 will be almost black in some lighting.. do you think if I mix with half 6/16 it will be enough to...
  7. S

    Need help correcting hair that has gone too ashy and dark

    So i let my friend practice using wella colour i wanted a natural dirty blonde thats close to my hair colour but is lighter. We chose wella illumina 7.81 and she mixed it with 9.0 to lighten the tone with 1.9% developer (i had ligjt golden blonde colour treated hair) The colour seemed to turn...
  8. H

    Illumina Wella

    Hey! when I do root smudges I tend to use colour touch and do it on wet hair because it blends sooo much better and they advise you use colour touch on we hair anyway don’t they... I’m wanting to do a root smudge with 6/16 illumina, could I do this on wet hair? Would it cover still? She has no...
  9. D

    Help with brass

    my client whilst in lockdown has bleached her hair 3 times. Natural level 4. Hair didnt lift well she went orange and has since used an ash blonde box dye. Which is extremely brassy. She wants to stay as light as possible but ive refused to bleach anymore as hair is compromised. I use wella I...
  10. D

    Help needed with blonde

    hi guys Looking for some advice client has done an at home bleach on roots over regrowth so virgin hair, she has very white ends so has ended up with a yellow/orange band. Natural hair level 6 Anyway so she wants to stay light as poss I was thinking (I use wella) the 12/16 to lighten the...
  11. D

    Wella Illumina 10/69

    Hi all first post! While in quarantine my sister has lightened her hair with blonder soft blonde cream. She’s wanting to get to wella illumina 10/69. Is this base light enough or would she need to lift again? Thank you
  12. H

    Wella Illumina

    Just a quick random question, at what point do I need to pre-pig there’s 2 colours I’m wondering if they can go straight over blondes.. illumina 6/16 (just as a toner over blonde with pastel) will it go green? And 6/17 CT I’m wanting to do as a root smudge with 1.9 will that look ok? (both...
  13. H


    Hey can someone help me understand wella peroxide’s please.. I totally get using bleach and peroxide’s but when doing a full head colour I don’t get the difference between 1.9%, 3%, 4% (I know 6% covers grey with KP PLEASE HELPPPP :)
  14. Shelbygirl

    Please help me tone to white

    Hi guys! Im not an experiecend hair stylist at all, Im new and just starting. Right now Im trying to do my hair. I use wella. I bleach and then I tone with koleston ( we dont have wella toners where I live, I have to do it with dye). Last time I used 10/16 with 3% developer on dry hair and I got...
  15. A

    Toner help

    Please recommends what brand toners you prefer? Im looking for a silver tone for blonde and a nice brown for a colour melt? Also what bleach/peroxide do you recommend for balayage? Please help im newly qualified.
  16. EssSh

    Wella Illumina as toner?

    Hi! I am looking for some advice on using wella illumina as a toner. I’m used to toning with color touch. I know you can’t mix the two, but has anyone used a permanent on the base and demi on mids? Or vice versa? Would you put illumina 10/38 on a level 9-10 yellow orange for a beigey blonde...
  17. U

    Wella Illumina or Koleston

    Hi. My natural hair color is base 6. Right now I have to bleach the roots, usually I tone it with CT 10/81 and 9/16. I would like to start to melt my roots with the rest. I am thinking to put Wella Illumina 8/69 with 6% developer or 8/69 with 1/4 10/69. I was thinking also about 9/81 of...