1st "real" customer - ahhhhh!!!!


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Mar 5, 2004
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Tonight at 7pm I am doing my first set of nails on a "real" customer:eek: . Up to now I have only done family, friends and people I know. My sister has a hairdressers and she gave one of her clients my name because she wanted her nails doing for when she goes on holiday. It will be the first time I have done a set of nails on someone I have never met before!! I am getting more nervous as the day goes on. My sister assures me she is a very nice lady, but my imagination is starting to work overtime:o . She has never had nail enhancements before, what if she doesn't like them when they are finished?!! Please tell me that the more "real" customers I do, the less nervous I will be??

Does anyone have any tips or extra advice I can give her to keep the nails in good condition while shes away?( I have an aftercare leaflet to give her) She is going abroad on holiday and will inevitably be using loads of suncream or oil and sunbathing. I don't want her nails to end up discoloured and horrible by the time she comes back.

Its good to be nervous, make it work for you..;) I still get butterfly's with the new clients i have and look foward to seeing me regs so we can have a good chin wag.

Be posative...you know you can do it! :cool:

Hey Chuck i know EXACTLY how ya feelin,with my first my hands were shakin so much just applying the tips that she commented on it :o believe me after a few the nerves will go as you get more confident,everyones advice to me was to believe in yourself and your ability,you can do this,just be yourself and stay calm (easier said than done i know) Let us know how you get on,you'll do fab!! :D
i allways get nervous i think that is a good thing as it means you really care about doing a good job on each and every person.
make sure she has a good cuticle oil to take with her on holiday and if you have a uv top coat put that on her nails it stops discolouration from the sun.i use ezflow uv30 which is brill
or if you dont have one, a non yellowing top coat i would have thought
someone may have better advice about topcoats and the sun.
good luck you will be fine
i know when i had my first ever set of nails put on me i was so thrilled you client will be too
A Good Tip.........Don't stick your fingers to her's....when i started to put the tips on she started talking to me and i musta had a lil too much glue on the tip...well guess what...we became one...lol :o i unstuck myself and we both had a good laughEnjoy it!!
It's going to be ok. lol. I've found that those who have never had enhancements before are easier customers to do for the first time as they don't really know what to expect. They are usually happy with whatever you do and are more understanding that you're new at this, whereas one who has enhancements all the time are very specific about what they want and can be very picky.
Leave a message when you'v finished and tell us how you got on.! Im sure everything went great..:)
I bet it all went really well...... and now you have done your real first person, the others will get easier...............
love Ruth x
I'm too late to wish you well.... But I do hope it all went fabulously, I'm sure it did!!

Let us know how you got on.... It's sooooo exciting when you do your FIRSTS...


Thanks for all your messages. It went fine:biggrin: . She was a very nice lady and was really pleased with her nails. I was really nervous at first, especially because the ladys 19 year old daughter was watching over my shoulder, but she was really nice too and wants hers doing in the future! They were not the best set of nails I've ever done, and I know they could of been alot better. I had one evil nail tip that did not want to stick to her thumb, but at least she was pleased with the result.

The only problem I had was the fact that I took my gloves off (I'm allergic to monomer), before cleaning out my dappen dish:o . I got it on my hand, so today I have two pink and swollen fingers on my left hand, but I'll live. I've learnt my lesson, don't take off gloves until all the monomer is cleaned up and put away!!

I now have renewed enthusiasm and I am going to ring Creative about doing a course with them. I've heard so many good things on here about them. Does anyone know where abouts in Manchester their training place is?


Julie x
Nice one Julie...Well done :biggrin:

We all new you could do it...Trust in your self and you can do anything!!

Vicky xx
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