2nd nail growing over existing nail


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Nov 15, 2006
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N E Lincolnshire

Can anyone help. My sister recently trapped her finger in a car door, ouch!!. She thought she was losing her original nail but it never fell off. Now she has a new nail growing over the existing nail, this is starting to put pressure on the original nail and nail bed. Do you think she should go to the doctor to have the original nail removed as it seems firmly bedded. Or is there something els to do. It isn't too painful at the moment only when she catches it but the new nail is already 1/3 up the original nail.:rolleyes:
Tell her not to worry, this is very comon. When this damage happens, the nail becomes detached near the matrix under the nail fold. The nail continues to grow and puhes the old nail up. This is whats happening now. It can be painful to have it removed and is painful if caught.

The easiest answer is to check there is no infection under nail (your sister would feel it there is and it would fee warmer), then thoroughly clean the area with your prep products (this is really important!). Put a small amount of overlay at the base of the old nail to stop it catching and being pulled off (whichever system you use wil work). Keep a close eye on it and try to keep it going until the old nail is pushed to the end while keeping the old nail short. The finger will look as good as new when the new nail reaches the end of the finger.
great advice marian.i hope it doesnt take to long for it to correct itself.i know how painful it is when ive caught one of my nails.
Its quite a wonderful thing the human body when you see how it repairs itself.

Feeling philosophical today.:o

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