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Your biggest tip

  • My clients are cheapskates - 0

    Votes: 80 19.5%
  • My clients are the norm -0 to 5

    Votes: 207 50.4%
  • Im special - 5 to 10

    Votes: 58 14.1%
  • Ive been blessed - 10 to 20

    Votes: 40 9.7%
  • My clients have money to burn - over 20

    Votes: 26 6.3%

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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
So... So this somewhere on the web and would be interested on what you have to say...

What was your biggest tip ever... and how did you end up with it?
Well that must have come from a guy..................lol
He is a regular and he is lovley. Been with me for about a year now, regular as clock work every week comes in for his manicure, but never tipped me.
To be honest I have never worried about it and never thought ,hmmm why dont he tip me.
Well come last Christmas oh boy did I get a tip.................. I got £50 in an envelope with a christmas card and a huge box of Clarins goodies. Well I am not a softy lol, but it realy made me misty eyed. I told him this was far to much................
He just said in his nice american accent, new yersey............Well hun, I have never tipped you all year and saw this and thought of you and the £50 is from my boyfriend for listening to all my problems and cheering me up.

Well who says there aint no Father Christmas

Love Ruth xx
Now I am really excited about being a nail technician! (I am watching Big Bruvaz new single and I think it's fantastic!)

Graham Norton rules all! :D
beautifulnails03 said:
Now I am really excited about being a nail technician! (I am watching Big Bruvaz new single and I think it's fantastic!)Graham Norton rules all! :D

I am totally confused by this message :huh: please explain....

As you all know, it's been a few years since I was in the chair, but I did have this fab client called Annette who was a great tipper!! Most was about £15.00 - she still has her nails done (this is now 10 years) - I LOVE CLIENTS LIKE THIS!!! ;)
I am totally confused by this message please explain....
they are a band and look at the nails.
all I can say is, remember my rant and rave about not being able to do a nail jobby on a band, for a promo in our chat room a few months ago.......................

Every time I see them on TV I am reminded

but hey thats life

Love Ruth xxx
I have to say most of my ladies are moderate tippers. $2-$5 bucks per service, but then theres Clara..$10 bucks every week plus $100 at Christmas!! :D
Some of my clients tip me £1-10 per visit, others buy me pressies, my best ones to date are genuine Gucci purse and genuine Burberry handbag, also get bottles of wine, choccies, flowers approx 5-7 times a week, love all of my clients in their own individual way.

Jue :D
I'm afraid most of mine are cheapskates! A few tip the occasional £2.00 which is very kind of them. I wonder if this is because I work from home. I know when I worked in the salon virtually everyone tipped, my biggest being from Mike Reed's wife - thankyou Mrs Reed!!

I must say though, I don't think any different of my non tippers to my tippers. In my eyes there all wunnerfull :pukeoff: :rofl: :rofl:

Dizzy Dellie ;)
Firstly, the big tips sound nice, and secondly I didn't realise how big nails were until I did my training with Creative and being on this board, and now I just notice them everywhere. 8)

The girls in the band have gorgeous nails, and it made me realise that if I keep practising and taking all that right courses then I can go quite far with this! :D

And originally I only intended to do it as a side line so that I can apply for T.V work. But now I am really quite excited about it all! :D
tips? :shocker:

It's not customary to tip here in australia, i think the only tips that we give are in a restaurant and thats only if we get exceptional service , I have never received a tip and really dont expect one , although would be lovely to get tips :D

Kerrie :)
Most of my client's tip $2-$5 w/each service. I have to say my mother has been the biggest tipper - $20. Just once though. The other big tipper I have happens to rent from us, I'm sure she feels she has too but I do try to discourage her. I feel guiltly sometimes. But I still take her money. :rolleyes:
My clients come under the catagory cheap-skates, I never get a tip higher than £2 and most of my mobile clients don`t tip at all. Still without their custom we wouldn`t be in business would we?
I get bigger tips for a Spa Mani/pedicure service than I do from doing a set or fill on nails. Maybe because it seems more special to the client, or they appreciate the extra flair....... I'm not sure.

The norm is about $2-$5 for a set of nails and anywhere from $5 up to $20 for the manicure or pedicure (but only if Spa).
As a beginner I've not had a paying client yet - I'm just glad if they ask me to do their nails a second time. Usually it's me who takes them pressies - a bottle of wine, choccies - a thank you for letting me practice! :D

My sister did promise to repay me in vodka, :trashed: but I'm getting a bit thirsty :tongue: - she must have mislaid her purse??? lol!


...I always apologise for my feet!!! :D
Hi all,
I find that it's people in similar industries ie. hairdressing that tip well, in saying that my clients are usually ok and normally tip about £2-£10, which is quite good I think!!!

Kat xxx
My tips have only ever been chocs and wine from my clients. I get more tips in my other job with racing Greyhounds. The owners of winning dogs often press £5/£10 into our grubby little mitts at the end of races, one guy does £50. On Saturday my friend had the most unusual tip yet - this old guy whispered "here, quick love -shove this in yer pocket" to which my friend replied "no really, you dont have to". Its ok, he didnt - it was a Murrymint :rofl: :rofl: Sorry, nothing to do with nails I know but, I just had to share!
A couple of weeks ago a friend who I had done a set of permanent French Sculptured gel extensions gave me an extra £5...I was well chuffed...I asked why? and she said that they were fab...being new to this industry I still lack confidence in myself....she has now become one of my regulars :D
Most of my clients tip $5.-$10 each appointment... and I have a few regulars that give up $20's...

So far this year I've received three $50+ tip's... one for a full set, and the other two Spa Pedi's...

One of the Spa Pedi's said to me after I was done- "How much do I owe you"

I told her "$45"

She said (GET THIS!) "That's all???!"

I had to pick up my jaw off the floor..

So she hands me a $100 bill, and says "This is what you SHOULD get for your Spa Pedi"

I almost died.

And the next month, my Spa Pedi's went up to $50. :D ;)
Well, my clients are not too bad but could be better although all my clients are fab - even the ones that don't tip!!

The biggest tip I got was £6 - ooh aren't I the lucky one then!!!! It was from one of my clients called Julie and she is absolutely hilarious. It takes me ages to do her nails because we have such a giggle. Her bill came to £44 and she gave me £50.

Where do you people who get huge tips and lots of pressies find your clients!!!! Do you all live in rich areas or is it because I live in the back of beyond where we've only just got electricity?!!!!! :D (I was lying about the electricity bit - just thought I'd clear that one up!!!!)
Nice one Kelly.
Julie rings a bell, has she got 2 boys ?? Used to live on the Garrisson ???
Well make her pay loads, lol................
Just kidding............
Tips are great, makes you feel appreciated

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx

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