A level exam results!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Sorry to bore you with the subject but Im bursting with excitement, and quite a lot of u regularly ask me how I did in my exams etc.

Just come bck frm getting my a level exam results!..i got 2 A's for Art and ArtHistory and a C for English Language and Literature!! Im sooo happy, I really expected to do waaay worse than that!

Oh gawd pass the bottle :hic: :hic: :hic: Lets partay!!

Congratulations and well done! brainbox!
:eyesore: :eyesore: :eyesore: :eyesore: :eyesore: :eyesore:

Well Done!!!!

Well done Layla Baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I knew you would do well.................
So I am glad to say

Love from Ruth and Co.
Thanks gurlies ;-) :rainbow: :sunny:

Yea but Ruthy i didnt know I'd do that well!! Thought I was heading for a line of E's and D's! ;-) Thankyooooooooooou for the encouragement..ie "have u done your homework yet??????" lol!



I know everyone is very proud for you!

:shock: Well done hunny bunny :D
So me keep telling you to get your books out paid off then :D
I told you u would do it (I am a mum) I know these things ;)
Chat later
Take care and enjoy your day/eve and have one for me
Dawnie xxxxxx oh and a big lick from Mullie :p
Well done, honey!!! :D :D :D

You must be over the moon!!!???

When you've calmed down you can concerntrate on nails, nails, nails!!! What a lovely feeling that must be???

Meantime, I think you deserve to party!!!

Well done, soooo pleased for you!

Thnx Karen! Yea my course is booked for 6th october! whoo! First thing i sed when I saw my results was "oh..maybe i shuda gone to uni" lol no waaaaaaay - nails here i come!! cant wait!

You'll be a STAR at whatever you chose to do!!! :D

Layla sawadee ka

I very very very very happy for you happy .

Kop khun ka

well done

glad every thing is working out for you :D

i will have a drink for u tonight :hic: :hic: :rainbow:
Congratulations Layla ... Proud of you!

The smarter the nail technician the better the business she creates!!

Way to go funky Chicha!
:oops: :D Thankyou gurlys! Think I could cry, its been an overwhelming year for me!

Had a drink last night for all of you ;-) :trashed:

Thankyou for your words Geeg, just hope I kick butt out there in the big bad world of nails ;-) I've got a good head start thanks to all the chichas and um..men :? :rolleyes: on here with their knowledge and support! Plus, I'm training with the best! Down to me though to achieve success ;) I'll get there..in time lol :oops: :D

Congratulations Layla! I have read a couple of your posts before (when I was a lurking geek) :oops: and have always thought wow what a head strong girl with alot of brain a knowledge, there are not many young ladies like you and you are an inspiration to us all me thinks!!

Well done and I am sure that you will do well whatever you do, especially nails!

Kerry xxx
well done babe

had a drink for you the other nite ;)
congrates layla baby told ya u would be fine........
now its just october to get through and you will be ace on that course to.
chat later love faye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi ya hun,

No wonder you got A's in Art and Art History - just take a look at your nail art. :D That should've told you you'd do well!!!!!!!!

I'm so pleased for you babe. CONGRATULATIONS from me and kjhhjkh (that was from Thomas!!! :D :D :D )
Well Done Hunni...Good Luck with your course in Oct...

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