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May 20, 2010
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I've just been to see a new client, who has shown me a fibre hair piece, that I colour matched to 12.1 with 7 lo lites running through it. What fun I'm going to have??? She wants her hair to match this!!

She has about 1" roots of 6.0, the rest of her hair, which is fine shoulder length hair has been bleached, but not lifted enough, then a brown put on, both by the client, so badly done, the outcome look like 8.34

I have quite a few ideas running through my head, one being stripping the colour out of the mid lengths and ends with a bleach bath, but then thinking if I add 12.1 to it after the ash will grab to much.

I don't tie myself to one brand I use whatever does the job in hand.

Being mobile I have to take with me what I need so will be limited:rolleyes:

Thanx Sharon
I'd take a few strand tests and have a play at home,you'll get to see how much of the ash tones will grab and can play with colours without taking them all along. hth's
I am mobile and i allways pop round before the appointment and take test pieces so i can play around with ideas at home before doing the job in hand....saves me trying to second guess and take loads of colours out with me
hi, thanks for that. was planning to do that, but didn't want to order loads of different products in to use on her. I steer clear of bleach these days as much as possible as I feel there are other prodcut that give great lift, but can't be used directly onto the scalp, has anyone used the Tigi bleach, or Schwarzkopf Vario bleach, was thinking of applying that first, then either Koleston 10/8 or 10/16 pastel toner, or if it needs more lift 12/89 dveloped at roots for 30 mins then run it through mid lengths and ends for remaining 25mins. Think my main dilemma is high lift or lift more with bleach then toner, any thoughts?
hi, tigi true light bleach is fab, you'l only need to mix it with 8.5%. i would do a strand test first and make sure you use an anti oxident before toning. i'm loving anything moroccan oil at the mo. :)
I have a home client i have done for years always bleach highlights every 4 weeks about a year ago we started bleach on scalp anyway I was struggling to find gel bleach so used blonde me can anyone tell me where to get it from?/ as the powder bleach is stinging..
Have you thought of using an oil bleach?

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