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Nov 21, 2007
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Does anyone have any ideas about what this could be. I looked through available info on nails’ conditions and didn’t find anything that looked like this.

The lady says first the proximal fold was swelled and then the nail plate started growing like this. As it is it appears to be growing out. The rest of the nails are clean.

A piece of damaged nail plate broke off – the region to the right of the tip in the pic that she repaired with some ‘acrylic’ glue for nails (didn’t ask her what she meant, actually). Otherwise there’s no separation or crumbling and the nail doesn’t look too thick. There’s just this changed texture.
She also says that it happened before and grew out.
Fungal infection, refer her to her GP.
Well, yes, sending her to the doctor is the obvious option.
Well fungal infections is very rare on fingers. So although it could be my gues would be folloowing: psoreasis in the nails. This can be on one finger/nail or on all, and can change in appearance and grow out only to come back. I have had a few ladies with that, so have seen it very often.

I must say though it's only a guess and I'm nowhere near able to diagnose it, so referring her would be a good idea.
As Karen said, if you are unsure refer...!

What I can see from this picture tells quite a story, the skin folds look like they have been picked at... The eponychium actually looks like it has been cut as there is little evidence of where the cuticle seal is flush with the plate.

I would hazard a guess that your client 'over manicures' and as a result has had an paronycia infection in the proximal fold (bacterial infection that causes a red swelling in the skin) If this was severe enough then it may contribute to the damage of the skin around the infection (ie, nail bed) which could explain why she is suffering onycholysis (seperation of nail plate from bed)

She also needs to keep this nail plate much shorter to aid the recovery, you can see in the photo splinter hemmoraging (the little red marks on under the nail plate) this is blood form where the very long free edge is putting massive strain on the remaining nail bed...

Also keep an eye out for colour change (green) under the nail plate, it is common for this much lifted nail plate to get a secondary bacterial infection...

I don't think (but could be wrong) that it's psorisis as there is no pitting of the plate, which is usually the most common symptom

hope that helps...
What great posts, girls, thank you.

NoLimitNails, yes, I thought, too that it didn’t look and sound very much like fungus..

Envy, you are quite right in your guess, she does give herself manicures - cuts cuticles and so on Some ladies think it looks good that way ;). She is not a client yet, only prospective. Great nails otherwise to work on. The brown blob is curdled blood, she confirmed that.

I think I will wait and see as it grows out and may be then it will be possible to cut it out.