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Sep 25, 2007
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Has anyone heard of a-tan solution? ordered some samples and mixed the 10% and 8% together to create 9% and got a spray tanning friend to spray me n its come out fantastic so far! washed the guide colour off yesterday n im sooo brown, going to study it again after i shower again but i really like it so far. any thoughts from people who have tried it??
spray tan supermarket have some well below rrp, I got 10,12 and 8% think it cost around £70, Find link below

I recieved samples of A Tan and i think its really good. It lasted for ages (longer than any other i have used before), the colour was really good and it faded so well with no patchy bits.
Now i am in a two and eight, as i use Tantrick, but feel that A Tan is better (imo). However, Tantrick is more well known, although many clients never even ask what brand i use.
Hths x
never heard of A Tan but might give it a go looking for a good new tan - does it smell? or rub off on clothes, sheets etc?

what are the different numbers>?
I loved the A tan me and another geek tried it the other week and loved the colour and the non patchy fade that comes with so many others. the smell was lovley as well, like all tans the colour guide rubs off but the tan doesnt. Wasnt so keen on the price though

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