A train at 5.05 in the morning?!?!?!?!?!


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Feb 9, 2007
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Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Oh my god I think this is going to kill me!!! :eek:

I've got to go down to Watford for work next Wednesday. Normally such a long journey would mean staying in a hotel the night before (i.e. Tuesday night) however, I'm hoping that I'll be back on my Creative Foundation course on the Tuesday night (fingers crossed!!!!) so I won't be able to go to London on the Tuesday night.

But I mean... having to get a train on Wednesday morning at 5.05 in the sodding morning! It's just wrong!!!! :irked:

Has anybody heard whether the courses will be going ahead again next week?
Don't know anything about the courses hun but getting a train at that time in the morning sounds like a complete nightmare to me!
more chance of getting a seat though !
5.05 in the morning?????????????? Is there such a time then????????:!:
Dont think I have ever seen it:confused:

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