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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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The clientele I'm slowly building up has asked me if I gave pedicures, to which I answered that I plan on offering the service as well. I would like your advise on what products are used for a spa pedicure. I'd rather assume that my future customers will probably have feet that are in poor shape overall. It would be good to know if there is an exfoliating scrub that really works wonders on callused feet and I think I should mention that I don't want to use a "credo" (implement with a blade) in my service.

Also I would like to know if any of you are mobile techs and if you offer the service of pedicure. If so how are you equipped?

Any suggestions will be welcome.

sawasdee ka

I want to know why the credo is not allow too use some countrys and what is no good about credo .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Hi Kat
I use Creative Spa pedicure range its fab wouldn't use any thing else now.
I am home based as well as mobile...........I have a foot spa for mobile clients and I have a cushion on the floor while I work on there tootsies lol, works fine for me.
I would never use a blade on clients feet leave that to the chiropodist.

Take care Dawn
Hi Kat - we always say 'Smooth don't Remove' so credo blades are out when it comes to feet calluses. Try the Callus Smoother and Sea Serum - between the two products and possibly 2/3 spapedicures later - you are going to see gorgeous smoothed and callus free tootsies - even on the worst nightmares of feet!! ;) These two products are part of the professional SpaPedicure system although the callus smoother and extra screens are NOT included in the professional kit! Hope this helps - you know where I am if you need more :salute:
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