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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawsdee ka

Just to speak about unlabled pots and the products inside .

I know 1 girl who bought from america retention liquid if she bought 8 oz bottles it cost 31.30 dollars for 8 oz but for the 128 oz cost 199.45 dollars it not hard to work out the 128 oz 16 bottles when put into 8 oz bottles is only 12. 46 a bottle a big saving money the bottles are not mma it creative retention liquid not nss they use the ame liquid as you but no designer lable .

So the unlabled bottle thing is realy just so false tongue speaking again some of the unlabled bottles have some the best pruducts in the world inside .

The perfect color powders are 129.20 dollars and get split into 20 40 and 100 gram pots 32 oz of powder is a lot of pots the unlabled pots do not have very good powder inside .

In buying this way the tech can pass the discount on to the customer thats why you have discount salons they buy products at the right price and work hard and many just want comfortable livingdoing what they enjoy doing nails .

But no the salons will always be nss because of there unlabled pots this is just rubbish talk like with the mma big brush thing you can now take unlabled pots out of nss .

I did not want to speak about this but some times what get talked about unlabled pots big brush zzzzzzzz is very wrong .

I think some of the techs that do this are smart not nss .

Some companys sell by the gallon it will be very stupid to have 1 gallon drum on your table to show customer the lable :lol:

Mui from Thailand
Hi Mui,

In the UK Nail Technician's must follow "COSHH" (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). These are regulations set out by the Health & Safety Executive (Government).

(I think all the above is the correct terminology).

Anyway, if a salon decides to buy in bulk & put the product into smaller containers, that's fine but they must put a label on the container stating what is in it.

If they don't they are not following COSHH so therefore are not performing standard practices & will be considered NSS.

Hope this helps,

Jade x

P.S. I will try to get another COSHH booklet & send it to you if you pm me your address.
sawasdee ka

The last post should read have very good powders inside .

mui :rolleyes:

unlabled pots nss i hope is now dead .

Thank you for the post but i think a hand wriitten lable would not give the salons any credit away from NSS but all they do is buy big.

If i was have my nails done in uk i would be happier seeing a lable from a company i know and like the product but would i know what liquid is inside the answer is no.

When i have nails done b4 i want a tech that works safe clean and gives me a beautifull set of nails .

The lables thing Nss is just rubbish and i have prove by my post .

mui from the land of smiles still smiling :)
Although a hand written label may not look as professional, it is something that has to be done in the UK! At least it shows that the Tech is professional enough to follow COSHH.

I really don't know what else to say on the subject, all I can tell you is that all containers must be labeled whether it be a company label or hand written one.

I have emailed you some info which I hope you find useful.

Sawasdee ka

i will go look email thank you .

i know the bottles should have lable professional use only keep away from children inflamable and ingredient.

But if a bottle is not in company bottle it is not bad liquid and is not nss .

So many time you see lady post about unlabled meaning not in the same bottle as them maybe mma it is false .

And not nss .

mui from Thailand
I did post to somebody yesterday saying if salons use unlabeled containers they could be considered nss but I said that because they are not following COSHH not because they could contain mma.

Jade x
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