Accountant Recommendations?

Does anyone have a good but cost effective accountant they can recommend? I have a friend (who rents the flat above my salon) who is training to be an accountant who was supposed to be doing my accounts, but to be honest I've been trading for 6 months now and he's done nothing that I am aware of and seems to get very "involved" in the day to day running of the salon without being asked... His opinions on my business are beginning to bug me considering he knows nothing about it except what I tell him in passing!

Anyway, I'm now looking for someone else to do my accounts. I'm not very good at the book-keeping but I've been doing an OK job I think, it's just the end of year and the rest of the stuff I need sorting out. I could do it all myself, but frankly I'm too busy and can't be bothered with it...


Where are you based? My accountant is excellent but we are in co.Durham. Make sure you get a GOOD one.. I had a bad one previously+ I nearly ended up having to close my business!!