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Jan 19, 2012
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Saffron Walden
Its very rare that I get asked for a proper blow dry nowadays as being mobile seems to mean the majority of my clients want it cut/coloured and a quick blast dry. I quite enjoy blow drying and would like to refresh my skills as feeling a bit out of practice.

So I wondered if anyone had any good tips or could recommend a course? I dug 'Vera' my block out last night to get on with some practicing, she could do with a make over!

P.S. apologies if there is already a thread on this I did a search but couldn't see one.
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I felt the exact same as you!
But I revisited my price let and services.
I now only do cut and blow dries, and give a complimentary blow dry with all colours and highlights!
Clients get that WOW factor now. and it's great for our skills!
Just an idea :-D xx
People often over complicate a blowdry for one of two reasons, 1st wrong products so hair doesn't behave well, very crucial part of decent blowdry is products, this includes correct brush size, 2nd is down to the cut, if your cut is crap you WILL struggle to blowdry and get the hair where you want, 3rd this is what a lot of stylists forget, blast, blast and blast, but please blast the hair from root to tip so the cuticle doesn't get messed up, ithen start once hair is 80% dry using a brush, if you put the hard work into your blowdry and really smooth the hair out you should only need to smooth the ends over if that with the irons ;) hope these help x
That's a good idea Sarah, will try that.
And thanks for the tips Blue, I think I need to blast the hair a bit more before getting in there with the brush.

Thanks xx
I love this thread. My main love of going to the salon is that i get a perfect blow dry after and it stays perfect for ages :)

If i go to a new hair dresser and they blowdry my hair fluffy and fuzzy then use irons to sort it, i get really cross....i think its amazing when a stylist can make my hair silky and perfect using just a brush and blow drying! X
I came out of hairdressing for several years and during that time went to several different salons to get my hair done, it never ceased to amaze me just how manyh stylists cannot blowdry! i have been sent out with partially damp hair, frizzy hair, u name it i had it, my hair is "kinky" and tends to frizz if not dried correctly, since returning to the industry i get great pleasure from clients saying they wish they cud do as good a job, a blast from a hair dryer and ghds are not always the answer!
I do feel that basic skills such as blow drying do seem to get overlooked by many stylists now as there are tools such as straighteners and tongs which make it 'easier'.
Don't get me wrong straighteners and tongs have their place most definitely but the better the blow dry the less of a need to use further heated tools to get the desired result.

I have long relatively straight hair which I consider to be quite versatile and I can achieve many different looks from blow drying it, however when I have had it done in a salon recently they don't ever seem to do anything other than blast it so it looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards and then straighten it to within an inch of its life!

Saying that though I still want to improve on my blow drying as doing my hair and doing a clients is a bit different. Also I think it's that finishing touch that gives clients the Wow factor and when you're mobile it's much harder to give clients that 'salon feel' so being able to do a good blow dry goes a long way towards making them feel great.

So any further tips are much appreciated! X

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