acry gel where to buy from please?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi, i was in my friends salon the other day and she was using the acry gel and the nails looked great when she had done.
She said she was leased with it she had a traing day and a kit from them when she went to learn it at Lincoln for the day.
Im thinking of doing this aswell has anybody got any advice or opions on this system please and i was wanting to buy a trail paxk with a DVD so it can show me how to use it so any links would be great.

Thanks for reading xx
Sorry i don't have any experience of this system, but i am sure i have read threads about it before on here, if you type in acrygel in the search option i am sure it will bring them up. hope this helps until others who do know this system can reply. x
ideally you need to train in this first but you can do a conversion course which was around the 30 pound mark with michelle porter ( i think) they are the uk distributers of it and are very helpful.i am due to train in it thru my college. i think alan howard wholesalers might stock it as well but would advise training. hope that helps
Hi thanks for all your replys xx
I have just had a look at the links but they dont do one near me, i would travel further but i have back n leg problems so i dont travel too far if i can help it, if i did i would be really embarrest at the training center as i would be all stif from sitting and would be hobling about lol.
Anyway my freind did hers in Lincoln {lincolnshire} but she is away now for a couple of weeks so i cant ask her and i wanted to get it all booked and sorted.

My real aim is to convert to Creative but have to save alot of pennies up for that first so in the mean time i want to try this acry gel.
Any advice would be great,especially if any of you geeks that know of the training center in Lincoln.
Thanks x

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