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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
I am feeling very down and disheartened, I have done my mother in laws nails tonight, she is very good and suffers all manner of tortures.

The past two visits she has had pink and white acrylic, a new venture for me as i have only previously done just plain clear, anyway she has monster nails this week, I told her that she would have to come back mid week for me to re do them all as i am so upset with myself over them.

I am waiting for my fabric to arrive, I ordered it friday and expect early part of next week. I have done fabric using other manufactures makes and really like the system so am hoping that creative fabric could be my savour until i master the art of acrylic pink and white.

I must admit I was sitting on the sofa with her watching pop idol and breaking my back to get at her hands but even so, still no excuse for a set of nails that look like something of a horror movie.

All I can say is thank god I have a very understanding mother in law, she is brave.

My aim is to save like mad to go get some decent tuition from the creative guys, god I need it. However in the mean time I will hope that the fabric system will be my bag, and i can produce a dam good set with that, lets hope so, if not it will be back to gel :oops: , which is ok but I wanna do all systems well.

Does any one else produce nails that look like something the local hamster spat out or am I the only one?
Grace x
Oh sweetie, you are not alone. I am the world's best chicklet maker. (Remember the gum?) I am determined though. I will do awesome nails. (I keep telling myself that anyway!) :D
Don't worry about it. It happens to the best of us. Especially when new. I'm still practicing on mine. :study:
You're lucky to have a real model... I'm my own model at the time. Just keep practicing!! You'll get it soon enough!
One of the easiest ways to rectify the problem of 'squashed m&m´s' on top of nails is to first identify the problem

Too Much Product

Make smaller beads. Simple as that. :D

Apply a smaller bead to the plate and press it out as far as it will go until thin and even. If your zone 2 bead covers more than half the pink part of the nail plate when you have done this, the bead you used was TOO BIG.

Try again and make an even smaller bead until only half the nail plate is covered by this bead. Then ... determining the size of your zone 3 bead will be easy AND much easier to apply because you have more space to put it in!!

Place your zone 3 bead NOT near the cuticle but where you left off with the zone 2 bead and, resting your flattened brush on the surface, PUSH the bead back into place and pull forward to smooth lightly over the whole nail.

This does 2 things. First, it really presses the product onto the dry nailplate so you will not get lifting, and Second, it gives YOU control of the bead so you don't touch the skin (again no lifting.)

The zone 3 technique should almost be like applying nail enamel PUSH and PULL.

Try it ... your :idea: will come on!! Good luck.
Thank you for all the replies, I will try when I next re apply the acrylic to do it in smaller amounts this will help loads I am sure.

My biggest problem is telling myself Rome was not built in a day and it takes time to master the art of perfection, something i find very difficult to get my brain to comprehend, but I am sure I will, just have to take things slower and practice more.

Thank you all
Grace x
Like all of us .. you will suddenly click and all will drop into place.

sometimes it is just watching an expert, sometimes it is something someone says or writes ... but you will click. Lets hope my post is the thing that does it!! :D
Just to be cheeky, but

Some people's Mother-in-laws are Monsters anyway, so there are situations in which the nails would have been perfect! For example if I had married my ex, I would have paid you loads to do her some monster nails because she was a classic one! Although I could never figure out if she was a monster or just a badly bleached blonde alien! :alien: If you don't get on with her you could just say you did them to suit her personality! :D

On a more serious note though. I recently had a lady come to me who had been on a Creative Course and just couldn't get to grips with it. She was even given a 1-2-1 to help her but when she got home things went to pot again.

She came in to see me and I just let her use my desk and practise for a while. I told her that even though I am Creative trained, I am not an Ambassador, so didn't know if I could make much of a difference.

She didn't mind and said that even though I hadn't been doing it for a year, I had still been doing it longer than her, and if I could help her in anyway then she would be grateful. As it turned out, her smile lines were good, but she was just having problems putting the beads in place on the nail.

It was simply that she was spending too long patting it down, and was forgetting to smooth it over, therefore had lots of lumps on the nail.

Anyway, I got a text from her the other day thanking me, as now she seems to have mastered it! :thumbsup: (All I am worried about is that I might have taught her something wrong, so I told her she is to double check she is doing it right when she goes in for her exam.)

I think it is important to know that everyone has bad days, but just not to give up. :D Good Luck.
As geeg say things do just suddenly snap and fall into place it so happens that i very often used to do a set of monster nails in just pink so this weekend i was a very good girl and spent quiet a few hours at the just practising my smile lines with L & P (im a Fabric# gal usually) besides getting an extremley numb bum from sitting in one spot for 2 hours :D i can now do smile lines i did about 150 in the end i think so how chuffed am i ;) still some tweaking to do on zone work and making sure im realy pressing those beads out must get a more comfy chair :shock: anyhows the point of this is yes i definatly think it helps heaps to watch someone who knows what they are doing i will be putting on my untouchables vid tommorrow (again) and watching and rewinding watching and rewinding its a wonder the tape is still going :? but i found the thing that realy helped with my smile lines was sam tutorial i read and re read and some more so that as i was actually carrying out my smile line i was mentally going through each step in my head and eventually (yep i know 150 tips later :D ) i did it
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