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absolutly fab!

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Nov 16, 2004
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I was wondering what additional services you offer you client other than nails?



Holistices... not sure if i have spelt that right

Any thing else
non for me Caroline...i have never really been into the whole beauty thing and i wouldnt have the space either. xx
This would probably make a good poll x
Hiya Caroline

I offer all the additional services you mentioned as I want to be in salon that offers as many options as possible.

I dont do them all myself as I now have an holistic therapist that comes in to help with some treatments.
I considered doing spray tanning a while back but tbh I would be hard pushed to find a) the time to train for it or b) the time to fit even more clients in. So I didn't do it in the end. The thing people ask most if I can do is eyebrow shaping.
I am mobile and offer both waxing and spray tanning in addition to my nail services (enhancements, manis and pedis).
I have found that I get allot more business from tanning - which is great as tanning is quicker, easier and more enjoyable than waxing!
i offer everything alongside nails , although i never hardly do any facials , mostly waxing , and nails :green:
Non for me either, I am so busy doing nails, that I havn't got time to add anything else.

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