Adding a new service.. but what??


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Jun 19, 2011
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Hey ladies and gents

I am looking for inspiration for what next to add to my service list, currently I do mani/pedi in OPI & Shellac, extend eyelashes (main business) , tint lashes & brows and brow shaping!

Any thoughts?(I'm a mobile therapist)
Merci! x
Spray tanning :)

Why don't you bring it into convo with your clients next time you see them, that way you can see what you will have a demand for
Ah I see someone's thinking along my lines . . . I though immediately spray tanning! It's what I do alongside my nail business

And although I'm not mobile, I use the pop up tent and pack everything away when its not in use. Very straightforward and usually only a day's training so nice and quick to get started . . . perfect time of year too. x
I would say waxing as it is also a very popular treatment. :)
WAXING!! All my clients are waiting for me to qualify. I'll double my income. Booked in for end of May for training.
I'd say tanning would go alongside your lash extensions really well hun xx

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Thanks girls, I have been asking and they have said both waxing and spray tan.

I think I'll go with spray tanning first, partly so I can tan myself :D ... If this is possible? :) x
Definitely consider waxing, facials or massage. x
Well some say they can tan themselves but most say they can not. A lot have great bf or husband but mine is rubbish lol xxx
Must admit I can not spray myself- I daren't even try, its so annoying having all ur stuff at home but my mum/bf have done my tan and I won't be trying that again!

Altho I do agree its a good treatment to add, just get loads of practise, ask to see the results when washed off so u can see if its developed how/where u want it to- until ur confident with ur skills!

Good luck xx
defo tan!! i added it to mine and had booking straight away! so easy to put tent up and tan then put away, i love it xx
Thanks girls! I'll read a few threads on best spray tan course to do! And I did think of Indian head massage which I thought would be nice to book whilst having eyelash extensions! Well, I'd like one haha