adding heat to aid soaking off?


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Jan 18, 2007
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hi guys

read a thread a while ago (can i for the life of me find it now):confused: that said after wrapping the fingers in cotton wool soaked with acetone or product remover, then wrapping in tin foil, you could also cover with warm towels or heated mitts,

is this ok to do? the heated mitts i mean, obviously warm towels are ok

and if heated mitts are not reccomended, do you just bung towel in drier for 10 mins to warm it ? sorry for all the dumb questions lol

nicky xxx
ooh i like the look of that, wonder if anyone will be selling them at PB?

thanks for that izz xxxx
I apply SolarOil to the area surrounding the nail to help protect it from the Acetone.
Apply Acetone to a cotton pad and sit it on the enhancement (not wrapped around finger).
Wrap finger with tin foil to hold cotton pad in place.
Put hands in clear bags (designed for use with heated mitts).
Put in heated mitts and wait.

My clients really like this method of removal.
ooh see now i like the sound of this too, this is what id read the other week, how long does it take you this way hun?

nicky xxx
about 15 - 20 mins I guess.
Possibly not a quicker method, but less messy and more enjoyable for everyone involved!
Remember to unwrap and work on one finger at a time - to prevent the acrylic from re-setting on the waiting fingers.
ok ta hun will try this

anyone got any hints on warming towels while im at it?

thanks x

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