Advertising my nails at a wedding - Gelish colour fade


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nail angel 67

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Feb 23, 2012
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I've been invited to a wedding on Saturday and obviously (as I've just started out again recently after taking a break from nails for 6 years) would like my nails to really stand out and possibly get some new nail clients - I'm only doing Gelish this time around by the way.

What I would really really love to do on myself is some colour blending of 1 or 2 colours in lovely pinks as they're quite appropriate for a wedding. I know I can take the advanced design course (already taken the translation course) but can't afford it at the moment as I've spent sooooo much money. But for now I'd just love to know how the colour blending is done. Have looked at a couple of other threads who explain it but it still wasn't totally clear to me. I also tried it yesterday by dabbing with sponge in between the layering but it didn't come out quite as nice as I'd hoped.

Is it possible that someone could give me an idiot's step-by-step guide to do it please? I'd be ever so grateful! :biggrin:

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