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Sep 16, 2007
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South East
Hi :), I'm quite new to the site and to nails, having just done the CND foundation course, and I was just wondering how long, on average, did it take people before they felt confident enough in their work to charge for their services? I know this is probably like asking how long a piece of string is and we all vary, but roughly how much practice did you have to put in along the way ie as much as you could virtually every day?

It's all been a huge learning curve for me and I still can't wean myself off the trainer hand and pluck up the courage to attempt a set on a real live person. I'm only just getting to grips with blending the tips! The whole thing takes me absolutely ages. :irked:

Anyway, I'd really appreciate your input and just want to add how much I'm enjoying the site. It's a mine of helpful information. :)
Hello, i practise everyday when i can, i did my course earlier on in the year and remember how it takes ages to do a set.You will get quicker, i think practising on people you learn more, i like my nail trainer , but you might as well put them on someone and then you could see how they wear. I used to stress about doing smiles now they are my favorate bit! You will get there !:)
I have not been doing nails that long and also love my nail trainer, I have done quite a few sets of nails now and my times are long but hopefully the more I do the better the time and the better the nails. I have read loads of posts here about this and most techs that have been doing nails for a long time will tell you....the more you do the better you become, and confidence will grow, you will do good sets and bad sets in the beginig but just percivere, and all will come good in the end. :lol:
Thank you, both. I'm really determined and so I guess it's time to make the transition from one plastic hand to a few pairs of real ones! :lol:
:lol: Good luck I am sure you will do well just remermber every nail tech has started at this point and some are now fantastic grand masters, that what I want to be sometime. :hug:
It takes a lot of practice... I don't remember how long time it took, but here is an advice from me:

Have plenty of time. Do ONE of your own nails and do it perfect, until you are 100% satisfied. You will learn a lot from this. After 10 years, I still do this and have great fun with it.

hi, i passed my foundation course in august and i practised on my friends at least once a week sometimes longer, i was getting so frustrated that i didnt have the time to practise (not cause i couldnt be bothered just doing it around 2 young kids is a bit difficult:Scared: ) so was not getting any better or faster. i really have not used my trainer since my course (very rarely anyway), i found it loads easier on a real person plus they can give you feedback on whats comfortable etc.

I was in the dilemma too about what to charge but my educator was adament that none of us started off 'too cheap' as its difficult to increase your prices when you feel it necessary.

I have just recently got a job in a salon as a JUNIOR nail tech near where i live just for one day a week and she charges 22.50 for me to do a full set
and 15 for 2 week rebalance. At least i am getting regular practise now!!

Dont under estimate yourself you will do fine!!!!:hug:

sian xx

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