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Oct 31, 2006
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Barnt Green, Worcestershire
Hi everyone,

Was wondering if some of you in the know could give me some advice.

I am going on hol on weds (yeay) and usually about a month before hols I go on the sunbed too get a bit of colour, however this year I just haven't got round too it.

I was wondering last night if I could get a spray tan and how it would last on hols. Baring in mind I am always in the water i'm thinking might it rub off and get patchy! and obviously that will look worse than being pasty.

Any advice you can give me would be great!


Gemma x
I find the tans I've had last around a week - and as long as i exfloiate properly i never get a problem with patchyness. The more i moisturise too the longer they last.

Although saying that the best spray tan i've ever had was one at one of the beauty shows - i wasn't prepared for it i had it done cos they needed a model and it was free.

Remember you still tan with a fake tan - so you need to use suncream - not sure how this affects the tan - but i'm sure one of the tanning geeks will be able to answer it xxx
many people have a tan before their hols. some tans last between 7-10 days, less if you are in chlorinated water. make sure you exfo every few days, the salt water may dry the skin abit, and moisturise twice a day. doing this should help an even fade.hths

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