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Oct 12, 2006
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I have a client with a missing fingernail and I would like to sculpt her one using the method of using oil then popping off the enhancement and re-applying using gel bond glue.
I would only use gel bond as it is the only one I know of that is safe enough as it is medical grade.
Problem is I find it quite difficult (and expensive)to purchase gel bond. I am not creative trained. Any time I have bought one, I use it once and it dries up:irked:. I now know how to prevent this, i.e. use a pin and oil round the lid.

So the cut a long story short "does anyone know of a medical grade alternative to gel bond.?"

Thanks in advance:lol:
I think you can buy Creative products if you are not Creative trained, just not their enhancement products ie gel, liquid & powder etc. I would think you could buy the gel-bond. hth x
My one concern is the 'build-up' of adhesive to the underside of the prosthesis (nail). You'd need to remove it at some point, or start from scratch. Or you'll just have piles and piles of adhesive under it making a right mess of things.
Are you sculpting with gel?
If you were to use a non-soakable uv gel, then you could remove the buildup of adhesive by soaking it in acetone without harming the prosthesis.

Just a thought.
No I use l & P, acrylic.
I think she would just glue the nail on for special occasions and not wear it all the time. If there was a build up of glue I presume acetone could be used to soak it away.
Thanks for replying. :)

Does anyone know of any other "medical grade" glue? I would have to retail this to the client so she has control of re-applying the nail when needed.
You couldnt use acetone hun as this will break down the acrylic,
if you use an e-file you could carefully file the build up of glue away
Or you could try coating it both sides with gel after you've finishes making it.
Thanks for all your replies, the penny has dropped!
I hadn't thought about the glue build up on the actual false nail, I thought there might be build up on the actual skin, and this could be removed with acetone.
To solve that I would probably sculpt a spare nail also to use when required.

Does anyone know what glue is used on skin in hospitals and if I could purchase it?:confused:
Does anyone know what glue is used on skin in hospitals and if I could purchase it?:confused:
Gelbond is a hospital grade adhesive, you can buy it from Creative OSNS (one stop nail shops).
Personally i have never had gel bond dry up..i dont use the lid at all, i find the adhesive forms a natural "plug" that i just break off and its as good as new..i love gel bond!
Solar seal on the other hand, as well as speed bond i find dries up in the bottle..i dont know why?? Maybe i just dont use it as much..but would presume properly sealed i wouldnt have a problem?:confused:

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