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Sep 30, 2013
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I am based in Bristol and am about to open a beauty salon. I was wondering what the best spray tan is to train in and use. I wanted to train in St Tropez as it is a well known brand but would appreciate advice from experts in spray tanning on which are the best to use and which are the least smelly ones.

Look forward to hearing your views.
I use fresh indulgence and it is lovely people always ask clients where they have been on holiday it's very natural
Looking into nouvatan also as there are a lot of really good reviews on here :)
If in doubt get testers from a few companies see which ones you prefer x
I trained using Sienna X its is a lovely tan and well know within the industry and the general public. However i have heard nothing but brilliant reviews for Nouvatan and am very keen to try this one out. There are lots of posts on here with pictures and reviews of tans, you should check them out.
I use St Tropez & swear by it! All my clients love it. Also with the new aromaguard in their products it smells lovely

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