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Sep 3, 2008
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newark, nottinghamshire
I have just finished a year long Vtct nail extension course at my local college. I have always loved doing nails and i am keen to learn. The vtct course covered silk and fibreglass and acrylic. I want to further my learing and cover gels, nail art and anything else i can. I have 3 children under the age of 4 so the idea was to learn as much and practice as much as possible over the next 4 years then when my youngest starts school i would work for myself. But now the problem is i have no one to look after the kids for more than a day or two at a time. I would like to have done the CND course but the nearest one to me is Louth an hours drive away and it seems to be over 5 days which i know is a good thing cos they will cover everything but i cant get childcare. I dont want to wait 4 years to further my knowledge and gain more qualifications. Can anyone give me advice on any other evening courses? shorter courses? shouild i get a saturday job in a salon? Im in newark notts Thank you ladies any advice at all xx
Have you spoken to CND, because I'm sure that because you have the VTCT you can do the induction course which are a day.
Absolutely ... CND accept the VCTC qualification and form now on it is only one day classes you may need to convert or do skill building. Ring them and ask! 08452106060 they will give any information you require.
You would not be sorry if you went to CND. Try getting some books off amazon aswell, doug schoons, marian newman, the complete nail tech and gigi rouse's nail class are great they are like the nail bibles haha xx

Good luck, and give them a call x
thank you!! I have emailed sweet squared about the cnd one day course and im eagerly awaiting their response!!
thank you!! I have emailed sweet squared about the cnd one day course and im eagerly awaiting their response!!
Much better to ring them. 08452106060 They are so busy your internet query will probably not get answered .. so many on holiday at the moment. Take my advice and ring.
HI, I did the VTCT course too, over a year ago now and just last week did a CND L&P conversion, it was FANTASTIC! I learned so much in just the few hours I was there and the products are brilliant. Wish i'd done it earlier. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Good luck with your future :)

Sarah x
I rung sweet squared on tuesday they told me the next gel course was in Louth 13th August ( next Friday) places still available. Was very very excited. My friend booked the day off work to look after my children i cancelled appointments i had that day and rung back to book it to be told they had cancelled the course because they haven't got stock of the brisa lamps. Was most dissapointed!! but hope to get on the course when they have lamps available :cry: Must be patient but i really want to learn!! Thanks for the advice ladies and i love this site im learning lot from here, not sure where id go without it x x Rebecca

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